Secrets Revealed On How to File Your Auto Insurance Claim

by : Kian Chew Chong

There are six things you need to know in order to properlyfile an insurance claim with your insurance company.? These things include getting a police report,call your insurance, write a claim statement, follow events of claim, check allpolicies, and be honest.

When you file an insurance claim you need to remember thatthe insurance company will look at it in two ways; either comprehensive orcollision.? This usually depends on thetype of accident that occurred.? If theaccident was collision then your rates will not increase.? If the collision occurred while operating thevehicle then it will be considered collision and yourrates will increase.

The first thing you need to do is file a police report whenyou need to file an insurance claim.?Manyinsurance companies will not consider any damage to your vehicleunless there is a police report filed that they can have.? If you were in a collision then you need tocall the police so you can get a report.

The next thing you need to do is call your insurancecompany.? If you are stranded on th e sideof the road because your car is totaled then your insurance company can alsoprovide you with a replacement rental car until your car is fixed or until theinsurance pays to get you a new car.

After the accident is over and you have a chance then youneed to write a detailed statement about the accident.? While the information is still fresh in yourhead and you do not forget anything pertinent about what happened be sure towrite everything about the accident down.?Don’t forget anything because although you think the information is notimportant it could be to theinsurance company.

You should then pay attention to all events pertaining totheinsurance claim.? If you had adiscussion with the police then you should detail the conversation.? Every conversation you have then you shouldwrite down the date and time and the details of the discussion that tookplace.? If you end up on having to go tocourt then you will need all documentation.?You might want to create a log book so you can easily organize theconversations and who you talked to.

Another thing you should remember is that you need to behonest with everyone.? Being honest willget you further than if you lie about anything.?If you lie then you probably won’t get anything because no one will knowwhat they can believe from you when you do speak.? Be sure to be as honest as possible and don’tworry about getting into trouble for being in the wrong if the accident wasyour fault.? Theinsurance company willstill cover the accident if it was your fault.

When you file an insurance claimFeature Articles, you should be sure to doseveral things to make sure the insurance company will pay for theaccident.? You should always file apolice report.? You should call yourinsurance company right away.? You shouldbe honest and keep track of every event and person you speak to about theaccident throughout the process in case you need the information in court.? These things will ensure you have asuccessful claim with your insurance company.