All the Info on the 2005 Nissan Maxima

by : Taylor Bamber

Like many cars in the 30K dollar mark, the Maxima is partially a luxury and sport sedan. One thing that Nissan offers that many others don’t is a pretty sweet 6 speed manual transmission for the true sports car fans that want a little more when grabbing the groceries. Then redesigned interior and exterior just adds to the confusion of sport or luxury.

The exterior of the car starts out with a re-vamped grill with the huge Nissan logo right in the middle. Near the grill are the sleek head lights, inside are high intensity discharge Xenon lights that turn night into day. The car had a distinct rear end that has a sporty look with 4 chrome tips poking out highlighting the power that lies under the hood. In all the car has very strong lines that give it a tough look that I really like. The interior is a blend of cutting edge technology and comfort. One of Nissans most unusual pieces is the center sky view, which is a piece of glass that spans the whole length of the auto. The sky view can be replaced with a standard sun roof if desired. The sky view gives the Maxima a really open feeling and of course has automatic shades if need be. As for the power-train the Nissan has a wonderful 3.5 liter 265 hp DOHC that gets up and goes. It produces 255 foot pounds and had a pretty impressive power band when it’s matched up with the optional 6 speed.