Custom Car Mats

by : Kent Pinkerton

Car mats are a part of car interior decoration used for a specific purpose rather than just to enhance the car’s design. They are used to protect the carpet flooring from getting dirty from the dust, mud, water and slush that might accompany the driver when they get into the car. They do not usually crack, break or shrink and are made of thick durable materials that can sustain rough usage. Rubberized car mats are the most commonly used, due to their durability, price and availability, although they might not go well with exotic and plush cars.

Individuals who can afford to spend a lot on a car will need to spend perhaps an equal amount on the car interior. A shabby interior in a Limousine, BMV or Rolls Royce does not give a good impression. Available for such owners are high-end car mats to perfectly suit the car interiors. Such car mats can be custom-designed and custom-fit for a perfect look and fit.

Decorative car mats are an expensive custom-designed variety. These are available in different colors that go well with car interiors. They would be perfectly tailored to the car measurements and do not spoil the carpet flooring. Although regular car mats are used year-round, decorative car mats can be custom made for particular seasons.

Printed car mats are another kind of custom designed mats. Although specific designed car mats are already available from vendors, a few of the manufacturers would be ready to take custom orders also. The customer can design the mat along with the colors, the design, embroidery, piping styles, and stitch styles as well. The customer can choose the material for the car mat to go with the car’s interior. Most of these custom manufacturers offer a wide range of colors to the customer, many of which are standard car carpet color, or colors that would blend well with the car carpet.

A virtual mat maker would be provided to the customers online to design the car mat as envisioned. The delivery of the car mat in perfect condition is prompt. Although such designing costs the customer more than what a regular car mat would be priced at, a custom-designed mat certainly makes a difference in a plush car.

Individuals who can afford it can also choose from the wide variety of season-specific designs and varieties of car mats available in stores. Online vendors provide an excellent selection so that browsing online for a couple of hours can help an individual get a good deal without even venturing out of the house.