Pay less for UK car warranty

by : Keith Barrett

The biggest factor that leads to many people paying too much for car warranties is a lack of knowledge and research. Many car owners believe that it is only possible to buy extended warranties from car dealerships, car supermarkets and other car retailers.

This is certainly not the case and does lead to higher pricing. Car retailers will often not be offering the best priced policies, but many consumers are blissfully unaware that this is the case.

Since too few of us take the time to research what is on offer, we're rarely aware that there are better deals on offer elsewhere. In fact, we rarely know what sort of price we should be paying for a policy.

Things have slowly started to change, with the transformation being led by independent car warranty companies.

Specialist car warranty companies have always looked to sell their policies to car retailers. They've now been alerted to the fact that a better option might be to sell direct to the consumer.

By selling to the likes of you and me, they are able to cut out the middleman. This means that prices are lowered for consumers, which can only be good news.

So, how do we go about finding one of these warranty companies?

They have an increasingly large online presence, meaning that you can now compare prices and standards of cover online.

This gives consumers a big advantage, as does the ability to buy policies online.

Don't get caught out spending too much for your car warranty. Shop around and compare prices online.