Increasing The Efficiency Of Gears

by : Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu

The paper 'INCREASING THE EFFICIENCY OF GEARS' presents an original method to determine the efficiency of the gears. The originality of this method relies on the eliminated friction modulus. The paper is analyzing the influence of a few parameters concerning gear efficiency. These parameters are: z1 - the number of teeth for the primary wheel of gear; z2 - the number of teeth of the secondary wheel of gear; Alfa0 - the normal pressure angle on the divided circle; Beta - the inclination angle. With the relations presented in this paper, one can synthesize the gear’s mechanisms. Today, the gears are present everywhere, in the mechanical’s world (In vehicle’s industries, in electronics and electro-technique equipments, in energetically industries, etc…). Optimizing this mechanism (the gears mechanism), one can improve the functionality of the transmissions with gears; one save energy and one diminish the pollutions. See the papers research from one of these websites: