The benefits of a car alarm system

by : Andrew Winthorp

In this day and age taking every precaution to protect your vehicle and property is a prudent measure. Crime can affect anyone when you least expect it. A car alarm is a simple device that sends a message to the potential thief that there is a high likelihood that someone will be alerted if they attempt to perpetrate the crime. In the case of protecting personal valuables, an auto alarm is a cost effective measure to safeguard your property. Thieves by their very nature will always choose an easier target. The act of installing an alarm increases the likelihood that your vehicle won’t be chosen if other easier alternatives are available. The following article outlines some additional benefits of installing a car alarm system. One of the biggest costs of owing a vehicle is the annual insurance bill. When doing the initial shopping for an insurance provider most people will select the company that offers the best cover for the best price. Insurance premiums are generally tailored to fit the make and model of the vehicle. If you own a vehicle that has been factory fitted with either an alarm or an immobilizer then the insurance provider usually factors in these considerations when setting your premium. If, however, you own an older vehicle the insurance provider may not have factored in the alarm. Installing an alarm or immobilizer can result in a reduction in your insurance premium. With the cost of car alarms now affordable to every driver, the cost of installation is more than offset by the reduction in the insurance costs over the lifetime of the vehicle. In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen, having an auto alarm installed with a tracking device can result in the quick recovery of the vehicle. Many advanced alarms come with tracking functionality which the thief is unaware of. The transmitter located within the alarm casing emits a beacon that can be tracked through specialized software. GPS capability is often part and parcel of this process. The law enforcement officials are able to quickly locate the position of the vehicle for quick recovery. This functionality is a good idea for both personal and corporate vehicles. In the case of advanced car alarms, the alarm is often connected to the end user via a mobile phone interface. This functionality allows the car owner to exercise some degree of control over the vehicle from a remote distance. In the event that the car is stolenFree Reprint Articles, the car owner can immobilize the vehicle by sending a kill signal to the vehicle. This will result in the vehicle becoming unresponsive to driver commands in a stationary situation. For maximum vehicle protection a car alarm makes economic and security sense. Nobody wants the inconvenience or potential expense associated with vehicle theft. By installing an alarm you at least put your best foot forward to protect yourself from a potential unfortunate situation.