Theres a Plate 4 Us

by : Graham Jr Baylis

As we all know, any vehicle registered for road use needs to have number plates. And we've all seen them on cars; those private plates using an ingenious mixture of numbers and letters that can deliver a message ranging from the bland, the mildly amusing, through to the almost obscene! However, whatever your requirement for number plates, conventional or quirky, it's possible to order them online using the expertise of advanced designers supplying custom vehicle number plates and standard number plates and providing a first class, highly efficient service in double quick time. Plates can be manufactured in a range of unusual shapes and sizes, or specially designed in pressed metal for vintage and classic vehicles. Perhaps you'd like a badge on your plates. A British Bulldog or a Union Jack, maybe? The choice of your design is entirely up to you and all materials used are compliant with the relevant quality standards; although it is highly recommended that you check out your number design with the DVLA standards if you're planning to use your plates on the road, as you wouldn't want to fall foul of the law!

But the skill of these designers doesn't begin and end with vehicle registration plates. My friend Jack's wife managed to persuade him to convert their smallest bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe to accommodate her countless outfits and a collection of shoes that would turn Imelda Marcos green with envy. Job done, he couldn't resist having a plate made entitled 'Amy's ME-ME room', finished off with a cartoon of Betty Boop. It's guaranteed to cause a chuckle whenever visitors call round.

A novelty, fun plate makes a wonderfully individual gift for anyone special; it's just the thing for a bedroom or den. You can personalise the plate, adding photographs, borders, slogans and backgrounds. You enter your own choice of text, font and colour to create your own distinctive design, whilst letting your imagination run riot! With their amazing online design builder facility, the experts ensure that you have all the options you need for the design you want and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Plates can be made for any purpose you require and in the very unlikely event that you can't see quite what you're looking for online, you only have to get in touch with them using the contact form on the site.

There's no doubt that children can be fiercely protective over their own space and a personalised plate on their bedroom door can really help to engender a feeling of pride and ownership. What little girl could fail to be thrilled with a sign bearing her own name, showing clearly that it's her room, maybe with a picture of her favourite animal or pop band? Older girls would probably prefer an image of Brad Pitt or other movie star. Teenage boys would possibly go for an emblem of their favourite football club or rugby team, or a photo of a fast car or motor bike. Tastes vary enormously, and that's why a customised, fun plate is such a great idea.

Rumour has it that Amy's already eyeing up another bedroom for her wardrobe 'overspill'. I wonder what title Jack will choose for the plate for this one... if I were to hazard a guess, it's probably something along the lines of 'OH NOBusiness Management Articles, not another one'!