How to Buy a Car - Five Awesome Tips

by : Geenjuguna

Buying a car for many of us can turn out to be a nerve wracking experience. In most homes, cars are a huge investment and people see the car market as a complicated market. Below are four ideas to use when purchasing a car.

1. Research the Car Market

Any shrewd buyer investigates the selling prices of cars that they are considering buying. Rarely will car buyers rush to the nearest car auction and get a car that prefer to buy. Making use of the internet and local classified ads to compare and review most recent market prices. You will save lots of time and will be able to see the purchase price for similar autos across the world at the touch of a button. This will assist you make an informed decision on how much a car is worth getting and what other car enthusiasts around the earth are paying for the car type that you are interested in.

2. Learn to be Patient

Don't be under pressure to make a buying decision at that particular moment. People that sell cars are normally aggressive and will try all sorts of tricks to get you to make a decision. Its advisable not to talk to sellers until you are ready to make a decision. You need to stop appearing as if you are in a desperate situation or pretending to be an immediate buyer when dealing with salespeople.

Don't try to pretend that you are interested as this will not be fair to the salespeople. If you do this they will not be sure if you are a serious buyer and should you go back after some time, you might find that they will ignore you since they will have realized that you are playing games with them.

While still researching, do not declare the price you want to pay for the car. If you do this and tell the salespeople, you will give them an advantage to try and see how much they can squeeze from you. They will try to forward you to other cars that might interest you or even meet your needs. If you need to discuss price, do it in broad terms and avoid giving specific.

3. Use the Phone to Negotiate

After pinpointing the potential cars that are worth negotiating for and understanding your market, you now need to move to the negotiation process. You need to practice good negotiating tips at this critical stage of purchasing the car.

Negotiating via the phone is much better than face-to-face negotiations. The reason is that negotiation with the sales person face to face puts the buyer on the salesperson?s territory, giving the salesman a better advantage. Sales people have this tactic they use with the buyer where they approach the customer from multiple angles simultaneously. This causes key purchase issues not to be discussed.

Another trick that salesmen use is to tell you that they will have to speak with management for "approval" in a separate room. This creates pressure opportunities for them. Sales people are gifted in applying pressure and the advantage of speaking with them over the phone leaves you in a less restricted capacity. Because car sales men are trained professionals, negotiating with them at their territory will result in sales pressure being exerted on you.

Talking with them over the phone will reduce the chances of them playing mind games and using emotional ploys on you since they are forced to talk to you. Also phone negotiations allow you to prepare yourself beforehand and have important data in front of you that you can verify with the sales person before sealing the deal.

4. Be Reasonable

Its also good to maintain a level of politeness when negotiating for a car even if you are well informed. This is important should your car require repairs because you will go back to them for advice. Having a good relationship with the car dealers can be beneficial in the future when making other purchases with them.

What this means is that even if you are a person that knows how to negotiate, don't use it to your advantage to engage them in inappropriate arguments. Its ok to haggle over price so long as its done in a professional manner.