Run A Car On Water - Safe, Clean And Save Fuel Costs

by : Davionw

Many people are looking for the instructions or information to run a car on water. Common questions include "is car running on water a scam" or "how to build a HHO hydrogen generator for car" and so on. Forget about myths, and read about the new technology to run a car on water.

"Run A Car On Water" Theory

This works on the principle that water can be split into HHO or Brown's gas. This gas can improve the combustion of gasoline in our car engines. You may not know but our engines are low in efficiency. Majority of the gasoline, about 75% is not combusted at all. They end up as noises, heat, carbon residual and so on.

For the conversion of water into Brown's gas, we will need to fit our engine with a HHO hydrogen generator kit. This kit will break down the H2O into HHO or Brown's gas. Using simple off the shelf fittings, we can then channel the Brown's gas into the air manifold, ie carburetor or carb. The gas will mix with gasoline vapor and burn properly. In this way, you will improve gas mileage and cover longer distances (can be as high as 50% or more) while saving on gas.

How to build a HHO hydrogen generator kit meant for running a car on water?

This kit is a simple setup. You do not even need to modify the engine at all. What you do need is a water container, hosings, wires, baking soda and so on. These are easily found at hardware and convenience stores.

In case you are worried that it is going to be expensive to build this HHO hydrogen generator kit for car, it is not. Most of the time, you can assemble this kit for less than $90. Compare this with the fuel savings (can be as high as 40 to 50%), this small one time cost is nothing.

Advantages to run a car on water.

Firstly, we already know the one benefit of running a car on water. You get better gas mileage. On top of that, your engine will produce less noise, be cleaner, and have a longer life span. It is also less pollutive which means you can file for some tax claims with IRS.