Types Of Automobile Warranties

by : Teahupoo

If you have ever taken the risk of buying a new or used automobile, you were probably given a warranty along with it. If this is your first time buying an automobile, you might be a little confused about the purpose of an automobile warranty, but rest assured that an automobile warranty can and will save you a lot of hassle, cost, and time in the future.

Almost all warranties, for new automobiles, will cover the entirety of your automobile for the first year or the first 12,000 miles, whichever you happen to reach first. Some automobiles come with warranties that will cover certain parts of the automobile. New automobile warranties are very nice. Unfortunately, used automobile warranties are limited. This is because the automobile is used and there is no guarantee that your automobile won't break down just outside the parking lot of the dealership.

There are several different types of warranties that will cover the different parts of the automobile. A bumper-to-bumper warranty covers the entire automobile (emission systems, suspension, brakes, power train, electronics, drive chain, steering, and exhaust) except for normal wear and tear maintenance. A Power Train warranty covers the engine, flywheels, cylinders, injection systems, and manifolds. A Drive Train warranty covers all the little parts that have to do with the wheels (transmission, drive shafts, axles, and clutch). A Corrosion warranty covers the sheet metal of the automobile for when rust perforates the body of your automobile. Unfortunately, this warranty does not cover human body damage like: keying, nicks, dings, cuts, scratches, or chips. The Emissions warranty is a warranty all on its own and covers any emissions problems you have with your automobile up to 8 years or 80,000 miles.

Now that you have been enlightened on the types of automobile warranties you are more aware of your absolute need for them. So, if your automobile has reached its warranty limit, you might want to consider extending it for the life of your automobile, or until you trade it in for a newer model with an all new warranty.

Keeping Your Eye on the Small Print

When you have the chance to purchase a warranty for your automobile, you should jump at the chance. Despite the price of the warranty, you can rest more easily. Your automobile and your pocketbook will thank you in the long run, when your automobile runs into issues with its parts. Think of an automobile warranty being health insurance for your automobile. You don't want to go without health insurance for yourself, so why would you want to go without a warranty for your automobile?

At this point you are excited and want to go out and purchase or extend a warranty for your automobile, but here is some advice for you: don't get discouraged by the itty bitty print at the bottom of the warranty. The large print on the warranty will tell you that you are covered for every eventuality, but when you pull out your magnifying glass and read the small print you will discover that the large print isn't all you thought it was. Just because automobile warranties are confusing, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy one. An automobile warranty is an excellent investment, especially if you ever plan on driving your automobile anywhere.