Hyundais Have Taken Over the Road

by : Janakingman

You've seen them on the streets; you've seen them in driveways, parkways, highways and freeways! The roads are being driven by Hyundais! The streets are being handled by Hyundais! And with Hyundai vehicles costing thousands less than the like models of Toyota, Honda and Nissan, it's easy to see why! Hyundai is the new black, the new craze, the new way of owning a time-tested, owner endorsed vehicle! With Hyundai, driving just became worth the drive!

With over $1 billion invested over the past few years to guarantee that Hyundai drivers will get a car unlike any they've seen before, Hyundai has put in the effort to set themselves apart in the eyes of the public. They now offer a cleaner and more fuel efficient option with the Hyundai Accent (boasting a notable 32 miles per gallon). Another model, the Hyundai Sonata, was recognized by Motorweek as the "Driver's Choice Award" for Best Family Sedan. And the Hyundai's Entourage is a huge people pleaser (not to mention that it's also award winning!) Hyundai is definitely recreating their name in the industry and the sheer number of Hyundais on the road are proof that the people approve!

Mike Wasserman of Hyundai of Tempe said, "It's simple. Hyundai has sold millions of cars. The Sonata model accounts for over a million cars driving around right now. Hyundai makes a quality product at a great price which is great for us at the dealership. It's not hard to sell something that people are looking to find!"

From the very first test drive all the way to the service you receive after purchase. Hyundai offers America's Best Warranty with 10 year 100,000 mile powertrain protection and a 5 year 60,000 mile warranty that covers most new vehicle components. They even offer a 5 year unlimited miles road side assistance warranty as well as several other options. Hyundai doesn't claim "America's Best Warranty" without reason!

But the "most" warranty isn't the only thing that Hyundai drivers get. Hyundai makers believe that car buyers should get to enjoy their purchase. And by enjoy their purchase they mean enjoy their car. And by enjoy their car they mean...enjoy driving! Hyundai knows that cars take people to and from destinations, but they want their cars to do more than that. They want their cars to be the fun! Hyundai drivers enjoy driving. And they choose different models for different driving "experiences"! The Santa Fe is the choice for off roaders. The Azera is the ultimate in the luxury ride.

And, of course, the options don't end with off roading and high end pleasure driving...there's also the speeders out there! The Hyundai Tiburon is a high performance machine that also comes with the added benefits of stylish design and the typical Hyundai value. That's a sports car with unexpected bonuses right there!

After all the bells and whistles and different models and safety features...what is it that makes Hyundai different? They make it all affordable, that's what's different. They stand alone in the car industry because they've created a line of cars featuring what people want and made them a cost effective purchase!Hyundai and dealerships just like Hyundai of Tempe work together to make sure that everyone can afford to own a quality car. Hyundai of Tempe sales reps said they do it by offering the "lowest prices, payments and rates."

Hyundai is the car maker other car makers model themselves after! Why? Because Hyundais are the vehicle on the road today that make driving fun! Hyundai is the car that gives you the things you want in an automobile! And the people of Hyundai and Hyundai dealerships, are the people that sale quality for less! When all is said and done, it's simple; People want the best, Hyundai provides the best for less!