Do-It-Yourself - Hydrogen Generator Car - In A Day

by : Susanolsen

Do you hate to hear almost every day in the news about how much oil has gone up? You just know this means next week it's going to cost you more and more and more to fill up the car. Well now the last laugh is on them. Within a few hours, you could have your won hydrogen generator car.

Even though a hydrogen generator car sounds like something from the future, it's here with us today. The technology is actually about 90 years old, but there are reasons it's taken so long to surface (but that's a story for another day).

A lot of business that rely on the rising cost of oil for their profits have fought this technology, but with the day and age in which we live today, with the internet at our fingertips, how could technology which will turn your regular car into a hydrogen generator car stay buried any longer.

It may surprise you that the steps required to make your own car (yes even trucks and diesel vehicles) a hydrogen generator car are extremely simple. It's just a simple kit and a very simple installation. No fuss - just a single day (or weekend at most) job.

Who would have thought that just $100 - $200 will get the job done, meaning within a week or two of saving money at the gas station each week, you will have made back that money and then some. The advantages that go with this system besides the obvious saving are endless, however here are some of the more important ones:

* will boost the performance of your car

* cleaner car emissions promoting cleaner healthier air for us to breathe

* removes carbon deposits

* engine temperature is lower

* a more smoothly running engine

* your engine will live a long happy life

* system can be easily removed (for those silly enough to want to)

A hydrogen generator car requires very little water - in fact a weekly top up is usually more than enough. The system works by what is called hydrogen-on-demand. This means instead of storing hydrogen which is a very dangerous thing to do, the hydrogen (or Brown's gas) is produced only as needed.

A straight forward system, a few hours one weekend, low installation cost - how good does this sound? It doesn't feel good knowing you are being taken to the cleaners by those rising fuel costs. The environment will love you for it too.

The alternative to converting your car to a hydrogen generator car is to leave it the way it is - but ask yourself - how much will it cost you to fill up your car this time next year? Will you be able to afford it? Should you be made to make the oil companies rich? How much are you harming our environment?

The other side of the coin is the hybrid car. Costly to purchase initially, high maintenance with costly batteries, emissions not greatly reduces when driven on highways, engine only has standard power, and would take years and years to gain back from weekly savings enough to cover the cost of buying it originally.

And now for the icing on the cake - imagine getting paid because you decided you wanted to save money with a hydrogen generator car - it's true. You can even pay the mechanic to do the job if you prefer, but you still get paid.- is that cool or what?

A great idea designed to stop you from getting taken for a ride. But maybe you should check it out and see for yourself how easily you could accomplish this.