HHO Hydrogen Generator - Run Car With A HHO Hydrogen Generator

by : Davionw

Everyday, many people are searching for terms like "HHO hydrogen generator" or "how to run a car on water with a HHO hydrogen generator". After reading this article, you will have a good idea of how to start.

What is the HHO hydrogen generator kit for?

The HHO generator kit's main function is to split water into HHO or Brown's gas. Brown's gas is also referred to as Hydroxy, Di-Hydroxy or Rhode's gas. Whatever the name is, they all mean the same thing. HHO is used to improve gasoline combustion which of course will improve your gas mileage.

The engines within our vehicles have a low combustion rate. This means that only about 20 to 30% of gasoline is converted into useful power to run our cars. The remainder is effectively wasted through pollution, heat and noises. And some remain unburned which forms the soot in the combustion chambers.

A to Z about building a HHO hydrogen generator kit

This setup is a simple one that does not require any modification to your car engine. In the simplest explanation, it is a kit consisting of a bubbler, an electrolyzer and a water reservoir. These parts are sold at hardware stores. They can be bought for less than $100 in total.

1. Pure Baking Soda as the Catalyst 2. Electrolyzer (Hydrogen Generator) 3. Electrolyzer Wiring Harness 4. Vaporizer (Charged Water System) 5. Tubing For Water Charging 6. Vacuum-T and Hose 7. Vacuum Hose For Air Filter 8. Dual Edge Map Sensor Enhancer 9. Fuel Heater 10. PCV Enhancer 11. Quick Splice Connectors

Once the HHO hydrogen generator kit is ready, plug it into the carburetor. Also it needs to be connected to the 12 Volts of the car battery for power.

Sounds easy isn't it? This information puts you in a better position now to assemble your own HHO hydrogen generator for car.