The Acura RDX: Setting New Standards for Crossovers

by : Aidanbusbee

As crossover vehicles become more and more popular, the Acura RDX, a small luxury crossover, available today at Acura of Tempe in the Phoenix area, establishes itself as not only an adventurous SUV but also has moved forward from the rest with some of the most technological features available. The RDX combines it's highly mechanized architecture and performance capabilities to offer a level of intrigue many crossover makers simply cannot match.

The Acura RDX has an unusually universal appeal. Its high functionality makes it a practical choice. Its sporty look makes it a fun choice. And its luxurious features make it the comfortable choice. It's the first factory Acura to offer a turbocharged engine; it's built for great road performance. You definitely get the look of the SUV with great on road handling; which is the purpose of the Crossover vehicle!

The Acura RDX has been compared to the Honda CR-V. There is almost no mechanical similarity and the RDX offers more luxury features, design and higher levels of performance. The RDX features the turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine with 240 hp and 260 lb/ft of torque. This crossover is so beautifully engineered that it rides like a sport sedan. It offers a smooth, thrilling ride and has been known to hit 60 mph from 0 in approximately 6 seconds.

The Acura RDX comes standard as a five-speed automatic transmission (with paddle shifters) and is equipped with Acura's advanced Super Handling All Wheel Drive system. This innovative technology continuously varies power among all four wheels to enhance handling and aid in wet-weather traction. To learn more about the RDX's Super Handling All Wheel Drive, visit

The Acura RDX offers more standout features when it comes to safety. Some of the most advanced safety features available have been included in the RDX design: vehicle stability assist, surrounding airbags, ABS, electronic brake distribution, and advanced compatibility engineering. The target market for the RDX is a wide one when it comes to age definitions. The younger generation is drawn to the sporty look and the older generation is reassured by the wide range of high quality safety features.

The Acura RDX lives up to the Acura tradition by offering some of the most technological features available; full display navigation including real-time traffic, driver's voice recognition, personalized settings, Bluetooth, surround sound, dual-zone and GPS link temperature control, power windows, power locks, power moon roof and power lumbar support and more! Visit Acura of Tempe online at to learn more about the many accessories the Acura RDX has to offer!

While the Acura RDX has been compared to similar small crossover vehicles such as the Honda CR-V, the truth is; the RDX surpasses them with performance, handling, luxury, comfort and more. To learn more about the Acura RDX or to get a great deal on the RDX in the Phoenix, Arizona area visit Acura of Tempe online at