Biodiesel - The Top 5 Reasons

by : Josephthen

Biodiesel is favored over diesel fuel or any other fuel for several reasons. Foremost, the shift to Biodiesel is a good option if you intend to address the rising prices of diesel fuel.

The following are five good reasons why you should look at using Biodiesel for your car.

Reason One - Biodiesel contains less water

All fuel is mixed with water at some point. However, the actual amount of water that ends up in the fuel you put in your car can vary. If there is an excess amount of water component, this may prove to be harmful to your vehicle.

In general, Biodiesel is mixed with less water, so you do not end up with this water problem when you use it.

Reason Two - Biodiesel is less expensive

Do-it-yourself Biodiesel production is possible making its price affordable . Compared to regular diesel, Biodiesel's pump price from gas stations is even cheaper. Biodiesel can better serve your vehicle since it can reduce expenses in your vehicle's service and maintenance routine.

Reason Three - Biodiesel is better for your car

Biodiesel burns cleaner and has better lubricating properties than regular diesel. This is why it causes less wear and tear on your engine. Because of lesser repair requirements by your vehicle, you expect to accumulate savings over time.

Reason Four - Biodiesel is renewable

Biodiesel taps on a renewable fuel source and this is a very important issue. Many people simply do not realize that the current fuel sources are being used up and eventually will dry up. Once that source is used up, the supply is gone. And when it is gone, it is GONE!

Renewable energy sources, like Biodiesel, will never run out. Considering its natural inputs for production, Biodiesel can be produced from the same inputs.

Reason Five - Biodiesel is environmentally friendly

One main reason to high pollution level is the huge emissions of harmful gas in cars. In a city, the large number of cars on the road is not a surprise. Regular fuel is dirty and emits pollutants. Biodiesel burns clean and gives off n pollutants.

The shift to biodisel in a way promotes better environment condition. That is good, animals and humans who are breathing in the polluted air. Anything in excess that can be reduced is favorable.