Cheapest Way to Travel

by : Joseph Jordan

Budget Travel Tips, 8 Cheapest Way to Travel

It can be tough to travel on a budget if you aren't used to it. But there is no reason why you should stay home! These are 8 Cheapest Way to Travel. The truth is, you can travel on the cheap. Just follow these travel tips and you will have a great time. 

8 Cheapest Way to Travel


1) Stay close to home.
Instead of a family vacation to Disney World, why not scout out a fun location closer to where you live? There are plenty of other theme parks to consider that won't require airfare and staying in some of the country's more expensive hotels.

2) Do your research.
Start looking online for travel deals at least three months ahead of time if possible. That's how you find special deals. Also, booking ahead saves you money since airlines and hotels charge premium rates for last minute travelers. You can often find deals for entrance tickets to places like Disney World and other popular attractions online.

3) Off peak periods are much, much cheaper
If you don't necessarily have to go to Acapulco, why not check out airfare to other parts of Mexico? Also, being flexible with travel dates is ideal since certain days tend to be cheaper to fly on (like Tuesdays).

4) Have a hearty Breakfast or Pack your own food
Find a hotel that includes breakfast and you save at least $6-15 per person on food a day! If you are traveling near home, try packing your own food. Or ask for a kitchenette and hit the local supermarket once you arrive. Preparing meals in your hotel room can drastically cut costs.

5) Opt for Free Entrance Fee
If you are driving across the country, why not check out that free opal museum in Arizona or the World's Largest Ball of String? These sights are free, but they are still interesting and can provide topics of conversation on the long drive to the real destination!

6) Look online for discount coupons
There are coupons for just about everything if you really look. Print some out for shows in Las Vegas or to get 2 for 1 entry to a museum. You can also find travel tips online.

7) Take a Subway or Bus, Don't rent a car.
If you are going somewhere like New York, just ask your hotel desk clerk about the subways or buses. And if you happen to be in California, check that the hotel you are thinking of booking offers a free shuttle to Disneyland or anywhere else. Most hotels offer free or cheap shuttle service to and from the airport as well.

8) Eat Big During Lunch & Small During Dinner
When eating out, eat a big meal for lunch and go small for dinner. Lunch menus tend to be just as filling as dinner, but far cheaper in most restaurants. Look for a menu of the day, as well. These can be special offers that include an entire meal, soup, entree, drink and dessert for a set price. For supper, split an entree between two people or just order appetizers as your meal. Asking for just water is a good way to knock about $5-6 off each person's tab!

These are 8 Cheapest Way to Travel.
The truth is, you can travel on the cheap. Even if you do have a bit of cash to spend, why not save it for something else. Just follow the travel tips above! You will have a great time.