Ski Holiday Accommodation Tips

by : Nick Cox

You probably won't be spending a great deal of time in your ski resort accommodation; your days will most likely be spent enjoying the slopes and your evenings will probably be filled with the delights of what the resorts aprÃ?s-ski has to offer.

However, you ski holidays accommodation will become an important place to unwind and recharge your energy. Where you stay is therefore quite an important thing to consider before you embark on a ski holiday.

Some things to remember:
&bullThe size of your party will dictate what accommodation will suit you best. For example, a couple travelling on their own is probably best suited to a hotel, while small groups are more ideally suited to self catering apartments. For people travelling in a large group then a chalet is probably a better option.
&bullAvoid ski holidays during peak seasons if you can. By doing so you will save yourself a fortune. New Year, Easter and February half-terms are the times when prices are going to be at their highest.

&bullIf you have members of the group who are non-skiers, then the type of accommodation you choose will be more important then usual. They will probably be spending more time in it then everyone else, so it's doubtful that they would be too impressed if the ski holidays accommodation was small and uncomfortable.

&bullPrices can vary considerably between resorts. For example, a three-star hotel, in a high-end ski resort such as Courchevel will be more expensive than an equivalent hotel in a less up-market resort.