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An Introduction of Indian Airlines Service
In 1953, a new dream took shape - to airlink the vast South Asian subcontinent by a single, modern, and efficient airline. The Airline was Indian Airlines. Today, Indian Airlines, together with its fully owned subsidiary Alliance Air, is one of the largest regional airline systems in Asia with a fleet of 62 aircrafts, 4 wide bodied Airbus A300s, 41 Fly-by-wire Airbus A320s, 11 Boeing 737s, 2 Dornier D-228 aircrafts and 4 ATR-42.Indian Airline's has been setting the standards for civil aviation in India since its inception in 1953.

An Introduction ofAlliance Airlines Service

In 1987, Alliance Air (then, Alliance Airlines) began providing scheduled interline road feeder service to a handful of international airlines. Six years later, Alliance added airline cargo handling services and upped its client base to 20-some carriers. Today, Alliance provides road feeder and handling services in addition to personnel services to over 110 international airlines.Working with the world's leading airlines for over 15 years, Alliance Air gears its services specifically to the needs of the international airlines it serves

An introduction of Jet Airways Service

Jet Airways - wasfounded in 1995 as a domestic airline for India. longer routes are served by a large fleet of modern Boeing 737s. 737 series 800s, 700s, 500s and 400s are used.Jet Airways operates over 250 flights daily to 40 destinations across the country. The rapid expansion of our route network has earned us the prestigious Air Transport World Award 2001 for Market Development. Jet Airways has also won the prestigious H&FS award for the domestic airline for the year 2001.

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