How To Find Discount Car Rental At Malaga Airport

by : Rudi Van Der Zalm

Finding a discount car rental at Malaga airport or other popular tourist destinations in southern Spain doesn't have to be hard. All it takes is a little research. Here are some tips to get cheap car hire rates in Malaga.

Begin your search for a bargain rental car as soon as you know the dates of your holiday or stay. Sometimes the reception at your hotel or resort can be of help for finding a discounted rent a car, but normally you will find the best deals on the internet.

On the internet it takes only a little time to get prices and conditions for almost any destination in Spain. If you need a rent a car at Malaga airport start your research as early as possible because some online car rental services offer discounts for early bookings. The advantage of shopping early is that you'll have an accurate idea of what you're going to be spending on your car rental in Malaga which makes it easier to determine your holiday budget. That's much better than leaving it all to the last minute and finally paying a price that you really can't afford.

The advantage of booking your car online and in advance is that you can look for the best deal available. This is a lot more convenient than waiting in line at the car rental counter at Malaga airport after you get off the plane. Online you can choose just what vehicle you want and usually get a lower price. The reason for the lower prices is that when you book a car online, there is obviously less staff involved and less overhead for the rental company. That enables the car hire companies at Malaga airport to keep prices low and the savings can be passed on to the customer.

Occasionally you pay a price for the convenience of picking up your car from a counter at the airport, as the rental companies are usually levied heavy fees for the airport concessions by the airport authorities, but car hire on airport does not necessarily need to be more expensive. Sometimes it can be cheaper to use a car hire company with an off airport location. Off airport suppliers do offer free shuttles from the airport to the car rental location.

For American citizens it is important to know, that cars at Malaga airport are usually much smaller than American vehicles. Please bear this in mind when selecting a suitable model, as the amount of luggage you take along may not fit into the rental vehicle.

Another important difference is that most models at Malaga airport are stick-shift. If you need a vehicle with automatic gearbox the final rental price may be twice as much as for a similar model with manual shift. The minimum age for car hire at Malaga airport is 21 - 25 years old, depending on the kind of vehicle you would like to rent. Multinational companies may charge a young driver surcharge for customers between twenty-one and twenty-five years.

Holidays are meant to get us out of the rush of every day life and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. By following these tips, you can get a better rate on car rentals and you'll be well on your way to enjoying a great. There are discount car rentals to be had just about anywhere in the world, they just have to be found. Have a great holiday in Malaga!