Airport Hotels; Undercover Airport Hotels Explained

by : Patrick Omari

Undercover hotels, what are they? Major travel companies have introduced undercover airport hotels at major UK Airports. These undercover Hotels are a cheaper way to book Gatwick Airport Hotels and Heathrow Airport hotels, two places you would normally pay a premium to get a bed.

Most of these hotels are within a 10-minute drive of the terminals using the Hotel-Hoppa buses. Usually if you book an un-named Four-star hotel you get cheaper rates than the normal rate for the named properties. The special offer prices start from just 45 pounds, room only. The prices are so good but the hotel name remains a mystery until the booking is confirmed.

If you have an early flight, why not book into one of the airport hotels? Choose an hotel close to the airport before you fly and avoid busy motorway traffic on the morning of your trip. As mentioned, these hotels are close to the airport and most of them come with parking both on-site at the hotel itself or at a secured compound near by. This is a peace of mind, at minimal or no extra cost, knowing that your car is safe.

Why book an airport hotel? There are several reasons why a traveller would go for an under cover hotel; firstly the rates are rock bottom, second, it is a perfect way to start or end a holiday knowing that have secured a room before or after your trip whatever time you arrive. Lastly, isn't it a wonderful thing to wake up refreshed on the day of your flight? You have worked hard, saved money for your trip. It is only fair to enjoy your trip. The anxiety that surrounds traveling and the run of adrenaline is not a good way to travel

The companies proving these hotels run a convenient bus transfer service from and to the airport. This obviously makes your stay as easy as possible. If your flight comes in late or if you are thinking of stopping over on return for shopping or meeting somebody it is good to stay at an airport hotel. If for example you have a friend in London and you are flying to Sydney from New York, you can meet at an airport hotel in London then continue with your flight.

Apart from the convenience, so you can make your journey home the next morning fully refreshed. Most of these hotels can and do provide information on important attractions for those who are interested in up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more.

However, before you commit yourself, do a thorough price comparison. Make sure you the promised facility meets the basic standard and that quality is guaranteed. The deal must be reasonably priced and in the most convenient location.