Car Hire From Trieste Airport

by : Fiona Hiliard

Looking to experience Italy on the cheap? The next time you travel by budget carrier to Italy, try the city of Trieste. The city is famous for its fascinating history and delicious cuisine. As it is close enough to Venice for a day-trip and pretty enough to enjoy as a city in its own right, it's well worth renting a car in Trieste. The city offers a world of fantastic sights and attractions. All you have to do is grab a map and jump in your car and go exploring. To ensure that you make the best use of your time in Trieste, we've included the following guide.

Trieste Mini Guide:

Trieste Airport is located in Ronchi dei Legionari, right beside the city of Trieste. The airport is served by a number of international carriers including Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air One and budget airline Ryanair. You'll notice that Trieste Airport is sign posted on most major roads and routes including the A4 motorway and 305 main road.

Things To See/Do in Trieste:

Trieste is the capital city of the Friuli Venezi Guilia region of Italy. The city is situated close to Slovenia and Croatia and Slavic influences are obvious everywhere you venture in Trieste. Once you've arrived in the town, it's well worth taking a walking tour to see what the city has to offer in terms of historic and cultural attractions. The hill at San Giusto is a great starting point. Here you'll take in sights like San Giusto Cathedral and the medieval Castello. Museo Civico di Storia ed Arte, the city's wonderful art and history museum is also well worth a visit.

Trieste plays host to a number of exciting festivals and events throughout the calendar year including Mittelfest in July and the La Sfida sailing race in September.

Trieste's central location makes it the ideal base from which to explore the surrounding countryside by hire car. A drive out to Opicina is a must. The journey from here offers stunning views over the Adriatic and if you're feeling adventurous, you can even explore the Il Carso limestone plateau and its impressive caves.

Eating Out/Nightlife/Accommodation in Trieste:

Eating out in Trieste is a treat for every budget and taste. Trieste's cuisine is heavily influenced by nearby Slovenia, meaning hearty stews feature heavily on menus here. Fish and seafood are popular too. Local specialities include Scampi alla buzara and brodetto di pesco. Posh nosh can be enjoyed at top class eateries like Antica Trattoria Suban on via Comici and Al Faro on Scala Sforzi. Meanwhile, Al Britania on Via di Servola specialises in traditional grub, catering to locals on thrifty budgets.

Night owls will discover that the city of Trieste has a laid back nightlife with most of the after dark action taking place at bars and clubs outside of the city. Top nightspots to look out for in Trieste include Machiavelli on viale Miramare, Mexico Way on Via Trenta Ottobre and Together on Via Crociferi.

Trieste offers good choice in terms of accommodation. Those looking to splash the cash will be suitably impressed by Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta, where rates start at a pricey €314. Meanwhile, thrifty travellers will find a cheap bed for the night at budget establishments like Nuovo Albergho Centro.