Car Hire From Almeria International Airport

by : Fiona Hiliard

There are so many reasons why hiring a car in Almeria will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make while on holiday in Spain. The wonderful (and much under-rated sights) count as one. Without a hire car in Almeria, it's possible that many of the city's greatest attractions would be over-looked completely. Almeria is a beautiful city where there's always something to see and do, no matter what your travel plans are. The following is a guide to how best to spend your time in sunny Almeria.

Almeria Mini Guide:

Almeria International Airport is situated 10km east of the city centre close to the AL-12 dual carriage-way. Almeria International Airport offers a range of facilities and shops including a fine rooftop café, perfect for cheap last minute snacks.

Things To See/Do:

Walking through Nicolás Salmeron Park along the seashore offers a free unrivalled view of the marina and port. It's impossible to ignore Almeria cathedral in the centre of the city, as well as the churches of Santiago the Elder and San Pedro. Follow a guide or explore the city's ancient walls at your own leisure.

Itchy feet? A self-drive to the nearby Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve is one option. Here it is possible to enjoy white sandy beaches and nature trails at the first marine-land reserve in Andalusia. Another destination worth visiting by car is nearby Sierra Nevada.

Eating Out/Nightlife/Accomodation:

Almeria's fertile lands produce cheap home-grown ingredients which feature heavily in the local specialities. Fish is also a major feature on Almerian menus, given the city's coastal location. One way to get a taste for the local culture is to sample the local specialities like "ajo colorao" a stew made with potatoes, red peppers, cod, egg, sausages, garlic and olive oil. 'Breca a la uva'-Pandora fish with grapes and 'rape a la barraca'- monkfish with leek and mushrooms are other local favourite dishes. The area around Avenida de Frederico Garcia offers plenty of restaurants and cafés to choose from.

Almeria has a buzzing nightlife with a host of music bars, discos and pubs springing up in the heart of the city. There's always a good choice in terms of atmosphere and music. Getting around the city at night is easy as there are a range of bars and summer terraces conveniently located around the Fraga Iribarne and Concepcion Arenal area.

It's easy to find pubs and discos to suit all sorts at districts like Real, Martines Campos, Trajano, Pedro Luque, Eduardo Perez, el paseo de Almería andl Nicolás Salmerón park.

In summer, fiestas and festivals take place at El Zapillo (sailor district).

Almeria offers a range of both luxury and budget accommodation. Good deals are to be had for travellers on a budget at hotels such as Hostal Sevilla, located at Calle de Granada 23, which has basic facilities including a TV and bath.
For those looking for a little more luxury, Hotel Residencia La Perla, located just off Puerta de Purchena has single and double rooms in the mid price range.