Car Hire Vigo Airport

by : Fiona Hiliard

The era of cheap air travel has placed Vigo firmly on the map as an attractive city break destination. It's about time. Vigo is a marvellous city that is brimming with fantastic attractions. The city has up until now have been largely undiscovered by tourism. Newcomers will be suitably impressed by the city. Hiring a car in Vigo makes sense for many reasons. With a hire car in Vigo, you're free to explore this beautiful city and its environs at a pace that suits you. Wherever you travel, you're sure to be getting a unique travel experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Vigo Airport Mini Guide:

Vigo Peinador International Airport is located 15km from the centre of Vigo and is an important base for a number of international airlines including Spanair, Iberia Airlines, Clickair and Air Europa.

Things To See/Do in Vigo:

Vigo is situated in Northwest Spain and is the largest city in Galicia. The city's main claims to fame are its thriving fishing industry and its football team, Celta de Vigo. Galicia boasts some of the sunniest weather conditions in the region and is the perfect place to find breathtaking scenery, sandy beaches and attraction packed streets.

Vigo dates back to ancient Roman times but the city of Vigo as we know it today, developed as a result of continuous urban planning changes in the 19th and 20th centuries. Vigo is renowned for its wonderful sailing facilities and events such as Atlantic Week, which draw in huge crowds from all around Europe. The locals of Vigo have a proud heritage. Natives of Vigo speak Galician, a language similar to Portuguese that originated centuries ago. The fact that the language has survived through to modern times is a testament to the stoic nature of the locals.

Hiring a car in Vigo makes sense. Being a border city, located close to Portugal, touring opportunities abound in Vigo. The outlying area is home to some of Spain's most breath-taking scenery. Car hire in Vigo takes you to places and attractions that public transport just can't reach. With Vigo car hire you'll discover beautiful landscapes and seascapes that would otherwise remain the preserve of locals and those in the know.

Eating Out in Vigo:

Vigo's cuisine is amongst the most richest and varied in the world. Seafood and fish dishes reign supreme in Vigo, with the city boasting hundreds of specialist restaurants. Oysters and octopus are local favourites-be sure to try them while in town. Whatever you settle for, you'll dine like royalty for a pauper's price in Vigo.

Day Trips/Events in Vigo:

Vigo is the ideal bases from which to explore the beautiful nearby sights of Santiago de Compostela, the scenic O Rosal Valley and Portugal's fortified Minho Valley. Don't take our word for it though, grab a map and go exploring for yourself. In this wonderfully diverse region, you'll always find somewhere to stop and reflect on the beautiful and diverse landscape.

While in town, make an effort to catch fantastic local side Celta de Vigo in action.