Skiing at the Big White Resort in Kelowna

by : James Murray

Home to some of the Canada's greatest skiing is the world famous Big White ski resort. Big White is known for its breathtaking scenery and high quality snow. This mountain is the perfect ski resort for all skiers of any age or skiing ability. This resort lies in the shadow of the Monashee Mountains, and is a world class ski resort with a incredible reputation to back it up.
Big White's snowfall every year is over 20 feet of the fresh white powder, and their climate is moderate. This ski resort is a lot of fun for everyone especially when the sun is shining and the snow is fresh with lots of powder.

This resort has so many different types of accommodations, your stay at Big White could not be more comfortable. You will be able to find a place that is ideal and suited for your needs, whether inside the resort area or right on the doorstep of Big White's fantastic slopes. Renowned around the world, British Columbia is well recognized has to have some of the world's greatest skiing regions, and Big White is one of the gems, which most skiers agree.

Big White has 16 ski lifts, and can handle a total capacity of over 30,000 skiers every single hour. This resort can cater to a diverse range of visitors even though it has a feeling of a small ski resort. What this means you will meet brand new friends as you ski, but if privacy is what you prefer that option is there. Big White has it all and will keep you very happy, that is why skiers come back year after year.

Big White ski resort guarantees quality snow and skiing for everyone. Royalty on their pristine ski slopes is what you will feel like,
because they are dedicated towards high standards, and their innovative ski lifts. Big White's fine powdery snow is incredible to ski on for any skier to try out, and can be an experience for any skier who has not tried powder before. The simple attraction of the Big White is one thing you will remember about your trip to this resort. The winter scene at this mountain could easily be the product of fiction in a movie, but the reality is this resort has a stunning location for any ski vacation, and Big White ski resort earns a place within the top 100 ski resorts in the world.

And all families are welcome, because Big White can handle any and all needs of a family. This resort is fully equipped for a family skiing vacation, and their staff makes every effort for a completely relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Big White has comfortable gourmet restaurants and high quality family themed diners where you will feel right at home at this resort.

Big White offers expert tuition for skiers that are beginning to ski or wanting to improve their skiing. With the resort's expert
tuition, it is perfect way for the kids to learn how to ski, and help them maximize their enjoyment on their ski vacation, by improving
their skiing abilities on Big White's ski slopes.

In the end, you will definitely recommend Big White ski resort to your family and friends, because whatever you choose to do at Big White you will love every minute. So Big White should be considered a good choice for you're next skiing vacation, because of its great reputation as one of the world's most acclaimed skiing resorts.