Skiing Vacation at Kelowna

by : James Murray

In the Okanagan Valley the winter season is not to long so it is very important to get as much skiing in as possible. The Thompson Okanagan have mountains that are blessed with lots of sunshine and dry, consistent snowfall. The world class ski resorts that are in the valley add a Hugh appeal that bring many skiers from all over the world which makes the Okanagan Valley a downhill paradise. The ski resort villages offer visitors the ability for ski-in and ski-out accommodations, very fast lifts and ski lessons at great prices, and all families welcome.

Home to some of the Canada's greatest skiing is the world famous Big White ski resort. Big White is known for its breathtaking scenery and high quality snow. This mountain is the perfect ski resort for all skiers of any age or skiing ability. This resort lies in the shadow of the Monashee Mountains, and is a world class ski resort with a incredible reputation to back it up. Big White's snowfall every year is over 20 feet of the fresh white powder, and their climate is moderate. This ski resort is a lot of fun for everyone especially when the sun is shining and the snow is fresh with lots of powder.

Big White ski resort guarantees quality snow and skiing for everyone. Royalty on their pristine ski slopes is what you will feel like, because they are dedicated towards high standards, and their innovative ski lifts. Big White's fine powdery snow is incredible to ski on for any skier to try out, and can be an experience for any skier who has not tried powder before. The simple attraction of the Big White is one thing you will remember about your trip to this resort. The winter scene at this mountain could easily be the product of fiction in a movie, but the reality is this resort has a stunning location for any ski vacation, and Big White ski resort earns a place within the top 100 ski resorts in the world.

When you are finished skiing at Big White and are in Kelowna, visit The Pandosy Inn a family oriented Kelowna motel. The Pandosy Inn is located right in the heart of Okanagan Mission Area, and is one of those hard to find gems that not everyone has a chance to experience. A family owned business that caters to your personal needs on a daily basis. They have quality Kelowna accommodations and have become a family favourite for many reasons. Their suites make a perfect home away from home for guests who appreciate the convenience of a full kitchen and private bedroom. The suites at the Pandosy Inn give you the freedom to relax, and save your money for the slopes with a full kitchen, and for a good night's sleep there is a separate bedroom. Choosing a Kelowna motel like the Pandosy Inn give you the option to travel BC and take a short trip through the Okanagan Valley to great skiing.

The Big White Ski Resort in the Okanagan Valley and the Pandosy Inn will make your skiing vacation an enjoyable and memorable skiing experience.