Keystone Ski Rentals and Lift Ticket Information

by : SkiColorado

The diversity of Keystone ski rentals and snowboard equipment is as varied as the terrain itself. In Keystone, Colorado you can rent powder skis, racing skis, all mountain skis, and women specific skis. Many savvy travelers book their ski rentals and Keystone lift tickets online in advance to save money. This guide will help you decide what type of equipment will best suit you on your skiing adventure to Keystone Resort.

The three peaks at Keystone encompass Dercum Mountain, North Peak and the Outback. The terrain offers every level of skier a perfect combination of greens, blues, blacks and double blacks. From the gentle slopes of schoolmarm to the epic powder runs in the Outback you are sure to find many different types of terrain. In order to maximize your skiing ability, it is best to fit yourself properly for your Colorado ski vacation.

If you do you homework ahead of time and rent your Keystone Ski equipment online and book Keystone discount ski lift tickets. Select which type of skier and boarder you are along with your height, weight, and preferred ski. Simply fill out your details over the internet and pick your skis up at select shops in Keystone.

Powder skis are an excellent choice for those looking to get knee deep in the deep snow of the Outback. Powder skis are much wider under foot than other types of equipment. This enables as much surface float as possible while enabling you stability and agility. Powder skis tend to be a little longer than other skis which also helps carry your weight.

If you're one of this skiers who enjoys big long wide GS turns than you should look into renting racing skis or equipment suited for corduroy and packed powder. Racing skis tend to have little flex which promotes constant edge contact while transition through deep wide turns. A stiffer ski also prevents unwanted chatter when accelerating into turns.

If there is one ski that performs well under several different conditions and terrain, than the all-mountain ski is it. All mountain skis blend all the components of equipment to provide an all in one ski. Many all-mountain skis have wider dimensions, deep side cuts, medium flexibility and are mid length. Take these skis and rip up all three mountains at Keystone!