Vail Ski Rentals - Ski Selection & Snowboard Gear

by : SkiColorado

Stand atop the Vail Mountain and experience the most celebrated ski resort in North America. Then explore Vail's three distinct areas: the Front Side, Back Bowls, and Blue Sky Basin. 5289 acres of terrain offers something for everyone. To maximize your time spent skiing at Vail it is imperative that you rent the proper skis for your Vail vacation. Read about Vail ski rentals and Vail ski shops.

If your visiting Vail, Colorado from out of town, it is often easier if you leave the dusty old skis at home and experience cutting edge technology at one of the many ski shops throughout Valley. Skiing Vail Mountain Resort is a deeply rewarding experience but is pure mountain magic when you rent the proper skis for the task at hand. Read about renting the ideal ski gear for your vacation to Vail, Colorado.

Most visitors choose to organize their Vail ski rentals in advance. This saves time and money. Instead of waiting in line and having to fill out paperwork for your rental gear, why not do it online prior to arriving? Simply provide your skier information including height, weight, skiing ability and desired equipment and that's it. All you have to do is show up to the selected Vail ski shop and pick up your rentals.

Depending on many variables, choosing the right ski for the current conditions, your current skiing ability, and the terrain you would like to ski can seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Here is a general guideline for various types of skis which can all be found in the Vail Valley.

When pacific weather patterns funnel winter storms into the Vail Valley, you can expect the back bowls of Vail to get buried by the feather light snow that the Colorado Rockies are known for. Renting your very own Powder planks are an excellent choice for those looking to take advantage of fresh snow. Powder skis are much wider under foot than other types of equipment. This enables as much surface float as possible while providing solid stability. Powder skis tend to be a little longer than other skis which also helps carry your weight. Again, renting powder skis in Vail, Colorado is a popular choice for storm chasers. The best part is, some of the shops in Vail will let you swap out different equipment so you can ski various types of skis depending on the conditions.

Some get nostalgic for carving smooth effortless turns in manicured groomed snow. There is something magical about leaning into your turns and having full trust in your edges. With the most groomed terrain on the planet, Vail Resort is a playground for corduroy enthusiasts. All-mountain skis provide this level of security whilst giving the skier the advantage to take the skis off piste as well. All mountain skis tend to have deep sidecuts, wide buckets and flared tails. This enables the intermediate to advanced skier to simply place the skis on edge and let the magic of parabolic dimensions do the hard work for you.

Some rental shops in Vail will also carry mogul specific skis. For those individuals who love zipper line bumps, this mountain will satisfy all. Do lap after lap of perfectly formed moguls off such runs as Prima, Pronto, Log Chute, Highline and Rogers Run. Mogul skiing in Vail has been put on the map from the likes of world cup skier Toby Dawson who resides in Vail. Mogul specific skis are much narrower by comparison than other types of skis. They generally have little or no sidecut and tend to be very flexible in the tail. This allows a skier to alternate edge to edge very quickly which is needed for skiing tight mogul lines.