Who Else is Looking for Affordable Family Ski Holidays?

by : Darlene Berkel

If you are looking for a great way to spend your winter vacation, then you should consider a family ski holiday. Can you think of a better way to spend a winter vacation?

However, family ski holidays can quickly become a very expensive holiday. Think of things such as - booking travel, accommodation, ski gear, lessons, and lift tickets for an entire family. The cost can add up and you end up with a very expensive undertaking.
Fortunately, you can save a lot of money on a family ski holiday if you plan carefully. You can enjoy a memorable family ski holiday without breaking the bank.

Take Your Family Ski Holiday During Off Peak Time

When exactly is the best time to take your family on a ski holiday? That depends on where you plan to spend your family ski holiday. Ski season can last from Thanksgiving to April, and there is a lot of opportunity to benefit from off peak ski deals. All you have to do is book your trip on an off peak week, and you can save hundreds of dollars on lodging, lift tickets, and equipment rentals. Target the earliest and latest weeks of the season. Why? Because those weeks always offer the best pricing. This means that your chances of getting a great deal is virtually guaranteed. On the other hand, you should avoid the busy weeks of Christmas and New Years. In addition to higher prices during that period, the weather is often the coldest at this time and the slopes are the overcrowded.

If you are able to book your vacation at the beginning or end of the season you should be able to get a good deal, but don't give up hope if your schedules do not allow this - just shop around, and try to find the lowest ski lift prices you can - as a rule of thumb, if the ski-lift prices are lower, you can usually assume that the rest of the prices will be lower too.

Don't Forget Food

Food is one of the biggest 'hidden expenses' when it comes to a ski holiday - eating out at a restaurant or lodge can quickly add up. If you can, rent a condo and go the self catering route - this will save you a lot of money over the course of the trip.

Also, if you pick up a coupon book for the area you should be able to get a lot of discounts on restaurants and attractions in the area. Quite often charities and community clubs sell these books for a low price - $10 or $20, and a family dining out should find that the book will pay for itself on the first day.

Ask For Special Offers

When you book, and when you arrive, ask if there are any special offers going. Usually, there are various unadvertised offers such as free ski lessons for kids. Often there are also discounts offered for first time visitors. It never hurts to inquire. Think about it. If you don't ask, you most likely won't be told about these, so you have nothing to loose by inquiring.

One good resource to tap into is the local chamber of commerce. Try calling them to see if they know of any offers or discounts that are available. Often, there are great savings just waiting to be claimed and the local chamber can direct you to these savings.