A Short Guide To Finding Ski Holiday Insurance

by : Anna Stenning

Taking a short ski holiday break is a popular choice for many people, especially families. Choosing a destination can often be a difficult decision to make if you are a first timer on the ski slopes, but for experienced skiers this is an easy decision as they are more likely to visit the same place over and again. Once you have become familiar with the slopes in a certain area, you become more confident in your choice of ski resorts.

However, although skiing is a fun activity it is also high risk and no matter how experienced one is at skiing, there is no excuse for not preparing prior to your trip. Ski holiday insurance is essential for everybody, one fall or accident could cost you a fortune in medical expenses. Furthermore, you are more likely to be in a foreign country, so you may not be familiar with the health system there, nor know how to speak the same language.

Finding the right insurance policy can be a time consuming effort, if you do not know which policy is the right one for you. Many people over-complicate this process, when in fact they only need to concentrate on a few important key elements before purchasing their insurance. Costs of insurance vary, depending upon your needs. Therefore, the main point is to research into the pricing to avoid paying a hefty amount.

Insurance policies offer variety of choices. Depending on your experience in skiing, as a beginner your best bet is to buy insurance that covers the cost of medical bills and third party injuries. In the event of a third party injury, you may face further financial liability or court proceedings - all of which will need to be covered. Medical bills can vary in different countries, France is possibly the cheapest in medical insurance, however, it is best to have this covered as the last thing you will want is to face a large bill whilst being treated.

There is also the cost of air ambulances and helicopter lifts for when an accident does occur. The most devastating accidents can leave your friends or families at a loss from you, faced with astronomical costs and bills to cover too. Not all ski holiday insurance policies, cover for air ambulances, so you will need to check and re-check your terms and conditions. Most insurance policies will not take responsibility for deliberate breaches such as skiing out of bounds and on days where bad weather report has been announced.

The individuals need to take responsibility of their own actions; therefore, another important thing to remember is to use your common sense. If you are forewarned or find red tap blocking you from skiing down the slope, avoid causing yourself and others trouble and stick to the rules. They are there for a reason and for your own safety.

Always get to know what your insurance policy covers, as most people do not know; this again will become a problem in the event of an accident as you may try to make a claim and find that you are not eligible. Look for the things you are not covered for such as theft, damage to possessions, replacement of equipment etc. Sometimes this may not be included, so it is best not to assume that you are automatically covered for all of this.

Finally do not forget - you may lose your own equipment or forget to take your lift passes. You may also find that skiing may be cancelled at a certain resort, or you may want to travel to another resort. Some insurance policies will cover for these, which will save you the extra expense.