Car Hire in Europe

by : J Tillotson

It's been many years now since the Channel Tunnel was built, yet the novelty of driving to Europe hasn't worn off for many of us. But not everyone wants to drive halfway across Britain to keep on driving in a different country, which is where car hire firms come in useful. This continues our guide to some of the more popular driving destinations throughout Europe.

France is heaven for the gourmet. The abundance of fine wine, diverse foodstuff and a picturesque setting to consume them in, few can resist the appeal of our nearest European neighbour. Car hire is an easy and economical way to get around, and most of the major companies have offices there. The capital, Paris, is best explored on foot or Metro, but the outlying region is great driving country. Be careful not to drink and drive, as touring through the French countryside you will be tempted, indeed encouraged, to stop off at the various vineyards and sample the sparkling brew. But don't worry, many of these also offer lodgings for when you can't resist any more.

Most of mainland France is ideal for cruising along and sampling various towns and local delicacies, but if you want something a little more adventurous, take the ferry across to Corsica. This is an island just of the mainland, and provides hair-raising drives along steep mountain sides flanked by sheer drops. Car rental is a must on Corsica as public transport is virtually non-existent.

Neighbouring Germany is a car enthusiast's dream. The famous Autobahn has no speed restrictions, and the country boasts some of the safest roads in the world. Although public transport in Germany is good, cheap car hire is popular among tourists as the roads are so pleasant to drive on. A highly developed road network and most places easily accessible by car mean that much of Germany is open to the driver wishing to explore.

Germany seems to have something for everyone to enjoy. The magnificent architecture, the food, the Oktoberfest and the scenery make it a country not to be missed. To take full advantage of Germany, arrange to pick your hire car up in the north and make your way to the south. Most car hire firms will allow you to pick up and drop off in different locations. Winding your way through the German countryside will show you a side of it many non-driving tourists never get to see.