Europe Car Hire Information

by : J Tillotson

It's been many years now since the Channel Tunnel was built, yet the novelty of driving to Europe hasn't worn off for many of us. But not everyone wants to drive halfway across Britain to keep on driving in a different country, which is where car hire firms come in useful. This is the final part of our guide to some of the more popular driving destinations throughout Europe.

Italy is an idea place to explore by car. With a range of diverse landscapes, the major towns in the country are all easily accessible by road, and provide the tourist with a smorgasbord of sights guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. The historic capital, Rome, and the watery paradise of Venice are both best explored on foot or public transport (the latter can be pricey), but car hire is essential if you want to enjoy the rest of Italy to the fullest.

Winding country roads and quaint villages transport you to another time, and no visit to Italy would be complete without a trip to Sicily and the snow-capped Mount Etna. Having a car lets you gain access to some of the hidden delights, and an air-conditioned hire car keeps you cool and comfortable during the hot summer days.

The country well known for sun, sand, sangria and...the other one, Spain has a gorgeous landscape perfect for viewing from a nice air-conditioned car. Car rental bureaux are plentiful in Spain, and because of the popularity of self-drive holidays, prices are competitive. Spanish drivers can be quite aggressive, but if you can avoid driving in the city centres, you shouldn't have any trouble.

Away from the bustling tourist-filled coastal town and major cities, the smaller fishing villages and local towns nestled in among the hills and valleys provide the holidaymaker with an ideal opportunity to experience the more sedate way of life. Spanish living is traditionally very laid back, but this quality has been lost slightly in the more built-up areas frequented by foreigners.

Whichever country you choose for your self-drive holiday, doing your homework first could save you a lot of money. It's easier to get cheap car hire if you book online, and only hire the size of car you feel you'll need. Don't be tempted to rent a bigger one, as you may end up paying much more in both rental fees and fuel.