Saltwater Fishing, the Great American Pastime!

by : Steve Parker

Looking for a way to bring the while family together? Try saltwater fishing! Saltwater fishing is an activity that everyone, no matter what your age, can enjoy. Many generations can grow closer by fishing together, and this is also a great activity to use to teach children about things like conservation, water safety, and habitats.

Saltwater fishing starts, of course, with a boat. If you don't have the money to purchase a boat on your own, don't worry-you can also take part in saltwater fishing trips. Called chartered trips, these fishing trips often include full access to a boat's fishing equipment, so if your younger anglers don't own their own rods and tackle, it will be provided. Many of these fishing boats also include cabins, so non-fishermen and women can enjoy a beautiful day at sea. Take along a picnic lunch or even grill up your catch!

Remember when saltwater fishing to teach children the importance of being safe. Of course, there's always that chance of being jabbed by a hook, but more importantly, saltwater fishing usually requires you to be very far from land. Make sure that everyone is wearing a life jacket when on deck, and it is a good idea to wear whistles in case you fall overboard. Teach children some basic water safety before you leave shore to make sure everyone is safe while saltwater fishing.

You should also teach children the importance of protecting the environment. When your go saltwater fishing, don't simply do it just for sport-enjoy a fish meal together or give the fish to someone who will. Make sure that your garbage is discarded properly when you reach the shore, not thrown into the ocean. You can also teach your children about how a fish breathes by showing them up close and personal (if you're lucky!) the gills of a fish.

Saltwater fishing is most enjoyable, of course, when you catch something! Before you leave on your fishing trip, purchase the tackle you'll need to successfully catch the species you want to catch. Tackle includes a weight, leader, hook, swivel, and bait. There are many saltwater tackle options from which to choose, and it is important to pick the best ones for the saltwater fishing you plan to do.

Bonding with your family is important. While one may easily grow too old for contact sports or not be old enough to understand card games, fishing is the perfect activity that can be enjoyed by all. You should consider saltwater fishing the next time you are looking for a unique family vacation idea.