Travel America: Tourist Guide

by : Dhiraj Bandurkar

Travel America: tourist guide

One of the richest and most powerful countries in the world, United States of America has densely populated urban areas and is the third largest territory. But some part of the country is scarcely populated and the large stretch of land left unused, which is full of scenic beauty and panoramic view, you will find people from all over the world settled in USA. It is very difficult to give a brief account of this country as it has lot much to see and do which is bound to hold to spell bound. Like any other countries this country has gone through many upheavals and emerged as the most powerful country.

The country has the spectacular combinations of smaller towns and larger cities. On one hand it boasts of the urban areas and on the other hand it has the rich wealth of forests, mountains, prairie region and much more. Many tourists and travelers favorite destination houses hundreds of tourists spot in every city. In the eastern coast of the country there are cities like New York the most famous and the leading in business and finance and has number of skyscrapers. The city Washington D.C is the capital of the country where you will get an opportunity to see White House the house of President. The city will simply overwhelm you with its museum, they portray the culture, lifestyle, art and architecture and the rich heritage of the country. The city Boston is well known as Bean Town.

Also worth visiting is Atlanta, where the 1996 Olympics were held Miami is one of the most popular International Tourist Destinations in the world. Known for its Latin Culture, inexhaustible nightlife and marvelous beaches. Moving ahead to the west coast from Washington to California you will come across the most amazing places for relaxation and adventure sports. Los Angeles is the universe in itself, a place where you can witness life in all hues; people from all strata of society exist here. This city is world famous for the most renowned film industry Hollywood. It has beaches giving breathtaking experiences in surfing. More thrilling adventures awaits in Colorado where you can go for white water rafting.

Moving on to the Pacific Coast Highway we get to see the immaculate beauty of san Francisco, a home of Golden Gate Bridge and the prison island Alcatraz. The dazzling beaches and the mountains shrouded by mountains are worth seeing. The travelers can enjoy day trips to beaches, deserts and wine countries. The "Windy City " Chicago situated on the shore of the Great Lakes is believed to be the fastest growing city in the world with the high standard of living and richest lifestyle. The skyscraper was first made in Chicago and we could see the most beautiful experiments in downtown Chicago. The city is the hub of many theaters and world famous for its strong tradition of music the Jazz. And Blues.

With its vast expanse and huge variety the travelers get an opportunity to see many things at one place called United states of America If we take the aerial look of the country then only it would be somewhat possible to decide what to be seen first.