Travel Insurance: Older Holidaymakers

by : David Collins

Senior citizens are one of the most likely groups to holiday abroad, but it is also this group that can have the most difficulty in getting an affordable deal on travel insurance.

There are insurance companies that specialise in providing cover for the over 65's, as well as a number of non-specialist policies available that cater for the older traveller.

However, some insurers no longer offer multi-trip annual travel insurance cover to older holiday makers, meaning that the older generation are often excluded from the cheapest travel insurance options available.

There are now a range of providers that offer cheap travel insurance for the older holidaymaker, however some customers still find themselves having to pay much higher premiums for the chance to go abroad due to the increased risks associated with their age group.

Because of the higher cover prices for their age group, many are tempted to make the trips without taking out travel insurance in order to avoid paying a high price for cover which may exclude existing medical conditions.

The stereotypical view that older holidaymakers have an increased risk of falling ill or having an accident whilst on holiday makes it difficult for the older traveller to find an affordable travel insurance deal.

In the event of complications happening whilst on holiday, treatment can be expensive - not too mention the costs involved when booking an earlier flight home.

However, with a wider variety of specialist providers now offering affordable deals, older holidaymakers now have more options when it comes to selecting travel insurance for overseas excursions.