Cap Juluca: Spotlight Hotel In The Caribbean

by : Darlene Berkel

The islands in the Caribbean Sea, located southeast of North America, and east of Central America, are known as the Caribbean. There are over 7000 islands, and a huge number of reefs in the region, located mostly on the Caribbean Plate.

The West Indies includes the Antilles - which is itself divided into the Greater Antilles to the north, the Lesser Antilles to the south, and the Leeward Antilles to the east; the Bahamas - located to the Northeast; and the Bermuda, which lies to the north in the Atlantic Ocean.

Geo-politically the West Indies is the 'sub-region' of North America and are arranged over many territories, which include sovereign states, overseas departments & dependencies. There was a time when a country called the Federation of the West Indies existed with ten English speaking Caribbean nations.

A Caribbean vacation can be best summarized as 'fun in the sun'! Caribbean vacations have something to offer to everyone, with lovely white sand beaches, palm groves and splendid scenic beauty; the caribbean attracts water sport lovers, hikers, swimmers, eco-lovers, luxury travelers, budget travelers, and divers alike!!

The Caribbean islands, situated to the south and east of Mexico, and north and west of Venezuela, South America, are undeniably an idyllic vacation paradise. And there is an abundance of excellent hotels to stay in. Take for instance Cap Juluca Hotel.

Cap Juluca, located on the beautiful island of Anguilla, is one of enclaves bordering the pristine white-sand beaches to look out for in the Indies. A few minutes' flight from St. Maarten, it can be also accessed using a motorboat. Spacious Moorish villas, five-star restaurants, striking landscaped tropical gardens, and hospitable and abundant service professionals provide a supreme level of extravagance.

Cap Juluca offers a large range of leisure facilities and services in its all inclusive resorts, including a fitness center, private golf courses, a library, tennis courts with full time trainers on hand to assist and coach players, and a Junior Olympic-size swimming pool. There are also water sports facilities available, including everything from wind surfing and water skiing to snorkeling and diving.