How to be Safe While Staying in a Middle Eastern Hotel

by : Jonathan Blocker

Safety while on vacation or business is a concern for travelers, especially those on . There are some steps you can take to ensure your well-being the next time you stay at Middle East hotels.

You will need to keep your money safe while traveling. You might want to wear a money belt to hide your funds from unscrupulous eyes. It is a good idea to leave your valuable jewelry at home as well. In general, you will want to spread your money, credit cards, and/or traveler's checks into different locations. Some might go into a safety deposit box at their Dubai Hotels, while some you might carry with you. That way, if your wallet is lost or stolen, you will still have some financial resources to fall back on. Along the same lines, it is wise to have photocopies of important information, such your plane tickets, passport, medical letters and prescriptions in a safe place other than your luggage or on your person, so if they get lost you will still have the information you need to get them replaced.

Luggage can be kept safe with luggage locks and wire mesh packs for suitcases. The luggage locks must be TSA approved for travel within the United States, because going through check points at American airports will require a luggage check, and unapproved locks will be cut off your luggage. With the packs, you can place your suitcase inside, lock it and then attach it to your bed or other immovable object in , for example, so that no one can access the luggage without the key.

Travel warnings are available from the foreign affairs department in your local city. You can check with them to make sure that it is safe to travel in the area you wish to visit. You will also want to make sure you are covered for health emergencies by purchasing travel insurance before your leave home.

It is best to study the local customs for the particular city you want to engage in Middle East Travel. There are strict rules of conduct during Saudi Arabia Travel, for example, and straying from them can result in dire consequences. Also, it bears remembering that not all countries allow citizens or visitors free speech, so you might need to assume that you are under surveillance at all times you are traveling. Also, check local medication rules for the country in which you will travel. Some medicines that people in the United States can be given with a prescription are considered illegal in some Middle Eastern countries, and not knowing this may result in jail sentences. A little education before you leave home will help you travel safely and well, during your Dubai Travel.