Why Should You Book Hotels In Advance?

by : Thanakit K.

Lately there have been lots of travel stories from people who have found huge bargains on hotel rooms at the last minute. Unfortunately, these stories fail to mention that most of these bargain prices are at second-rate hotels with limited options available. Experienced travelers know the advantages of booking hotels in advance include locking in the best price, a wider variety of options and peace of mind.

A simple search online will uncover many sites that offer discount travel services for the bargain hunter. There is even a wide variety of websites that specialize in finding you the best deal on your advance hotel bookings. It doesn't hurt to ask directly of the desired hotel if they offer any sorts of discounts for booking in advance, either. Due to the popularity of the online services, many hotels are offering deals of their own for booking direct with their reservation desks.

Hotels generally set aside a certain number of rooms at the discount rate and they will most likely already be taken if you try to wait until the last minute. When you book your hotel in advance, you will be locking in the lowest available price for the time you need the room. Even if the prices go up at a later date, you will enjoy the low rate that you reserved when you booked the room. This can easily save hundreds of dollars over a week's stay.

You will get the largest number of options for your stay when you reserve your room ahead of time. Options such as in-room kitchenettes, microwaves and other extras tend to be snapped up quickly by travelers who book early. If you want to get the best accommodation with all the extra features that you need or desire, you will have to book in advance. Otherwise, you could very well end up stuck with the leftover room on the inside corridor next to the vending machines!

The peace of mind you gain may well be the biggest benefit of booking your hotels in advance. There isn't much worse than getting to your location at the end of a long day traveling and finding no room at the inn. The last thing you need is to spend hours running from hotel to hotel to find one that has a room. Booking hotels in advance will benefit you with guaranteed availability as well as the ability to plan your stay better.

The benefits of booking hotels in advance far outweigh the small chance that you will get a bargain price by waiting until the last minute. With being able to lock in the best price, a wider variety of options and peace of mind, most frequent travelers will recommend that you always book your hotels ahead. Why risk getting a lousy room or worse - not getting a room at all? Booking your hotels in advance will prevent you from ever hearing these dreaded words from the hotel desk clerk, "Sorry, no room at the inn!"