Disney World for Young Children

by : Peter Kenny

Doing Walt Disney World with preschoolers is a great experience for both parents and children. Several generations of children have heard of and experienced Disneyland, and now even more are enjoying a family vacation to Disney World. Although if you were to ask a typical child what they liked beat about Disney World, the answer would probably be something along the lines of the fun they had there, the enjoyment of a trip to WDW can actually be identified on several fronts.

First is the enjoyment that the child has in the company of parents and even siblings. Even for the most overworked and stressed out parents, a visit to Disney World will usually result in a more relaxed mind set. The child can relax and enjoy the feeling of just having fun with a parent who's not too busy to go on that Pirates of the Caribbean ride one more time.

Although there may be enjoyment of riding a particular attraction over and over again, the preschooler will also appreciate the variety of the entertainment provided. A preschooler may not understand that there is more than one attraction, so if they find something they like, there may want to do it over and over again. At the same time, the parent should encourage them to visit more than one attraction.

From the standpoint of the parent, Walt Disney world is a safe and protected environment for your preschooler. Every once in a while parents get lost, but they usually are recovered before too long and admonished to not repeat the experience. The wonderful trained staff know how to stay on top of almost any emergency or situation involving a young child.

The typical preschooler is entranced by the mixture of magic and reality which he or she finds at Walt Disney World. This is much different from seeing something on television. Here Mickey and Minnie can come up and take you by the hand and they are living and breathing. You can see Captain Jack Sparrow outwitting the Pirate King time after time. This is the magical part of the resort for a child. They always, yet never know what is going to happen next.

The preschooler who has never hears of Walt Disney World is rare indeed. Friends at preschool who have some concept of the fun it is will share experiences with your preschooler, making them more desirous of going to a place where they can have fun. Each child participating in the Walt Disney World experience will remember it differently. One child might be entranced by the Main Street Parade with the fireworks. Another child may only remember the water park part of the activities. In part, it is that variety available to parents of preschoolers which makes traveling the Park enjoyable.

Most preschoolers have some interest in food, although some don't want to experiment with anything outside the realm of their usual menu. So, while typical fast food is readily available is your child is one who will not consider trying anything new, you can also encourage the child by presenting them with some additional food choices. It just might be that the variety of the environment and the excitement of trying a new place might persuade the child to trying a new form of vegetable for a change.

Another facet of a vacation at Walt Disney World especially for an active preschooler is the opportunity to be always on the go. If your preschooler is one which doesn't run down even for a minute, but has to have something happening all the time, Disney World fulfills all the requirements without risk of overwhelming a child who is more accustomed to two hours of play, followed by naptime.

One suggestion which might be of help to avoid overwhelming a young child, particularly one which doesn't require a nap in the daytime ordinarily is to balance the type of activities which he will be participating in. Think about active versus passive, skilled coordination versus use of broad muscle groups. Standing versus sitting, all these can help you find times for your preschooler to avoid becoming overtired. This might also be helpful for the parent to avoid exhausting themselves for later.