The Adventure of Walt Disney World

by : Michael Murray

Disney World is truly the most magical place on earth. This type of vacation adventure can be enjoyed by children as well as adults of all ages. Usually a family saves up for a few years before they take this enchanting journey. It is well worth all of the cash you spend. There are several hotels, eateries as well as plenty of rides and activities to take part in. You will be taken into a wonderful experience that will last a lifetime. Through the exciting plane ride to the shuttles to your hotel room, you will enjoy every breath taking sight and sound. Disney World as well as the surrounding areas will be an adventure you surly will not forget.

For a first time vacation or even after the 5th trip, the Disney World hotel is a sight for sore eyes. This hotel is more than a room for the night; it is an adventure as well. The hotel is situated right across from the Disney World Park. There are over 900 rooms and three stories high of magic. You will be able to view the whole city from your room and the night lights are spectacular. The room amenities are room service, non-smoking and refrigerators plus so much more. There are several activities that you and your family can enjoy from the hotel. Waterfalls, ponds as well as fabulously shaped pools will be available through your stay.

Disney World has various rides, views and amazing activities that are great for the whole family. You can say hi and take pictures with Goofy, Mickey and the whole Disney gang. There are several rides that you can take part in. Some of these events have a height limit, so small children may not be able to participate in. Space Mountain, the Pirates of the Caribbean and the tea cups are fantastic rides that you would enjoy. It's a Small World should be on the agenda as well. Parades from the town center take place every so often as well. Visit Toontown, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. Each part of the Disney Park has food, fun, rides and characters. Even a week's vacation will not allow you to experience every piece this magical place has to offer.

Not only is the Disney World Park a wonderful location to visit, but there are various places around that you can enjoy as well. Universal Studios is a fantastic destination as well. This type of adventure will leave every member of the family wanting more. One vacation is never enough. There are special events at Disney World as well through different holidays. Christmas, New Years and 4th of July are wonderful times of the year to experience this place and a whole lot more.