Disney World Tickets: Fun is Waiting

by : Megha Poddar

Disney world tickets are the passes to fun in the world's most popular theme park Disneyland. These Disney world tickets give chance to enjoy the most wonderful rides and attractions of the Disneyland. Disneyland is a place where every year millions of tourists visit to enjoy various rides, attractions and shows.

The Blue Man Group Show is a live entertainment performance in the area of Orlando. If you really want to enjoy the latest face of entertainment in Universal Orlando Resort, the Blue Man Group is the right choice. The show is a perfect combination of catchy music, hilarious comedy and multimedia tricks of special effects, which create a blissful party atmosphere and people of all age group, feel the total outrageous experience.

The show is world famous for its live performances. The Blue Man group now brings their eclectic mix of the live music, unexpected humor, fantastic percussion instruments and many more. To experience the new face of today's entertainment at Universal Orlando Resort, Blue Man Group is the best choice. Blue Man Group Tickets can be purchased individually or in group with your theme park admission or through official website of Disneyland.

The Richard Petty Driving is a high speed driving experience which is offered to the visitors of the Disneyland. The Richard Petty Driving Experience has four different programs:

The first is Ride Along, the thrill start begin with two seater stock car, while the professional driver reaches top speeds of 145 mph. For that ride you need be a minimum sixteen years old (Parental consent require). The cost is $105.44 (including tax).

The second ride is Rookie Experience, in this 3-hour long experience allows you to drive a race car for 8 laps around the speedway oval. You must be 18 or over and have a valid driver's license. The cost of the ride is $403.64 (including tax).

King Experience is a third ride, which give you a chance to drive 18 laps around the speedway in one 8 lap session and one 10 lap session. The cost of the ride is $797.69 (including tax).

Last but not the least, Experience of the lifetime, in this program you will be offered 30 laps around the speedway in three 10 lap sessions.

For all riding experience you will get instructions and safety measures. And for last three rides you need to be at least 18 year old and have valid driving license. The Richard Petty tickets can be easily collected from your theme park admission. The Richard Petty tickets can be purchased through the official web sites of the Disneyland.