How Can One Fly Free On A Vacation?

by : Sean Tan

With rising air fuel prices and the want for more stringent airport and in air security measures, the cost of flying has really skyrocketed today, pun intended. Flight is something inevitable as countries are coming closer; and business and tourism relations between them are strengthening by the day. But at the same time, the prices of flight are going so steep that people are very reluctant to go on holidays, and may also think twice before flight for business.

There is no question that people are considering other transport options for their vacations rather than expensive flying. The result is, they are going to local holiday places, where they can reach by land or by rail, and not enjoying their vacations very much. The most common reason people give for not using airline services for holiday travel is that they simply cannot afford it anymore.

But this is not necessary at all. Experts would say there are many ways by which you can reduce drastically on your flying fares, and even fly free if you want. There are some schemes devised by the airline services themselves and their affiliates that enable their passengers to fly at extremely reduced prices and even for no price at all. But the real thing is, most passengers don't know about these schemes. Either that, or they are not making the full use of the benefits they can get.

To answer the question asked by most passengers, I would say it is entirely possible to fly free if you want. There are many options. The most important of them is the air miles, which is commonly known as the regular flyer program. All major airlines gives some bonus points to their passengers on their air tickets, which can be redeemed on future travels. Over time, these bonus points would attract more points and a time will come when you will not have to pay anything for your travels, but would be able to utilize the points accumulated in your frequent flyer program. Today with the merger of several airlines, it is also possible to transfer the points of one airlines' frequent flyer program to another and take the benefits of local flight charges.

People who have gold and platinum credit cards also get major discounts on air travel when they use their cards to make purchases. When applying for your next gold card, or even on your existing gold card, you must ask for the air travel points it offers. There are some amazing calculations at play there; when a certain opening payment has been made with your card, you become eligible for free air tickets.