How To Make Money With Coastal Vacations And Article Marketing

by : Dawn Orbeck

One way of promoting your Coastal Vacations website or blog and any other products and services you might also be selling can be done for free to very inexpensive it with article marketing. Plus as an additional bonus, this type of marketing strategy can also help boost your leads and sales, making your more money for your efforts.

Article marketing is pretty simple. Here are the basics steps:

1) Write articles about your website's main focus or hire someone to ghostwrite them for you. You can find help through industry forums and online bidding sites like Elance(dot)com.

Basics to include in your articles are:

a) Good content that your readers will want to read when they visit your site. Don't make these ads or hype or no one will want to publish them. In fact, you could be banished from directories if you start submitting junk pieces like that.

b) A catchy heading and opening lead into your piece that attracts and captures the interest of your website visitors.

c) A short piece on one web page that's eye-catching, maybe with a short bullet list of items within the body.

d) A summary or conclusion with a place for your readers to turn for more info, for a free report or something.

2) Add a resource box also known as a byline to your articles. Include a link to your site in this area plus a nice call to action for some type of free information, like to sign up for a free ezine, voucher or other cool gift.

3) When your articles are completed, submit them to free article directories and submission sites online where webmasters, publishers and others are actively seeking content for their sites, ezines and other publications. Then, after website visitors read your articles, they may decide to click on the link and pay your website a visit to learn more about you and to grab your freebies.

To locate article directories, simply search the term "free article directory" and hundreds show up like GoArticles(dot)com, IdeaMarketers(dot)com, EzineArticles(dot)com and many, many more.

Submit to a couple of the top ones and become a regular communist there. Then people will know where to turn to find more of your articles for their publications. Note these columns on your website or blog, too, in case media contacts or your regular website visitors would like more information.