Scottsdale Vacation Rentals

by : Doug Petrie

If you are planning to take your next vacation in Arizona, Scottsdale vacation rentals can provide you that "home away from home"! Scottsdale is known as the "Jewel of Arizona", because of all that it has to offer to the tourists. There are innumerable golf courses, warm weather, towering peaks and vast stretches of the desert! All these combine to make the perfect picturesque views that you can capture as your fun vacation memories and take them back with you!

Vacation rentals in Scottsdale provide the perfect combination of convenience and luxury. Equipped with most modern amenities like televisions sets, DVD players, washers, dryers, 24-hour wireless internet connection and a fully functional kitchen, these vacation homes will make you feel that you are right at home. Except that when you step out of your resort, you will find yourself gazing across the desert to the magnificent Camelback Mountain or the Papago Buttes!

Indoor And Outdoor Fun!

Scottsdale vacation rentals help to make your holiday in the wide open Sonoran Desert a totally unforgettable experience! The scenic beauty and the climate - these are the two factors that make Scottsdale such a popular tourist spot all the year round. With a typical desert climate - hot summers and mild winters - Scottsdale has plenty of fun-filled activities to offer, for both the indoor kind of visitors as well as the more adventurous ones!

This upscale tourist destination, known as "The West's Most Western Town", has its own unique identity and culture. While the rest of the country takes refuge in their centrally heated homes in the winters, people in Scottsdale head towards their favorite golf courses! If you are one of those who are really passionate about this sport, and would like to have easy access to one of the pristine courses here, then one of the Scottsdale vacation home rentals located directly at Troon North or Grayhawk Talon will be perfect for you! You can simply step out of your villa and find yourself taking a shot at the first tee!

Wild Adventure And Urban Recreation!

If you are amongst the more adventurous kinds, then staying at one of the Scottsdale vacation rentals at the foothills of the looming McDowell Mountain or the Camelback Mountain would be better. You can, very conveniently, take up on the extensive network of hiking trails that wind themselves around the mountain slopes, providing unmatched views of the gorgeous desert life of Scottsdale and Phoenix. These trails will also provide you with some beautiful snapshots of the "Arizona sunset" that you can capture with your camera to share with your friends and family back home!

But desert wilderness isn't the only thing that this beautiful place offers as an attraction! With a thriving economy and a high-class education system, the town has developed as one of the premiere cities of the nation! The town projects a vibrant "western" atmosphere, with enough high quality entertainment options, shopping malls, spas, restaurants and a fantastic nightlife! And ideally situated Scottsdale Arizona vacation rentals let you enjoy the entire cityscape of Scottsdale in just a few minutes' walk!

Old Town Scottsdale is where you would want to go if you are planning to do some souvenir shopping. It is the place where you can find some of the best stores, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and western art galleries, which transport you to the old cowboy era! Scottsdale vacation rentals provide you all the space and privacy that cramped and isolated hotel or motel rooms cannot!