A Fantastic St Lucia Self Catering Vacation

by : Kelly J Wilson

Don't dismiss a self catering vacation on St Lucia, until you have read about where it is, and what it is, and how much other people enjoy being there. Sometimes self catering would be better described as a bed and breakfast inn

A St Lucia Self catering vacation could be your best idea yet for a holiday in St Lucia, especially when your accommodation is Natures Paradise at Marigot Bay, especially when it has been selected as the number one hotel in that locality.

Before making judgments about what is self catering, what is a bed and breakfast, and what is a hotel, we should think about what we do in a small hotel on holiday. Probably eat breakfast if it is included in the room rate. Perhaps even very quietly remove some rolls, even cakes to devour at lunch because the hotel's prices are too high, and then go out to dinner.

A Bed and Breakfast is only stating there will be only one meal, which is included in your room rate anyway, so you get the opportunity to go out and eat around, and perhaps buy the makings of a picnic for lunch, which you eat on the beach or wherever.

A self catering holiday infers no meals, but you do have a kitchen, where you can if you choose make meals for yourself.

However a place like Natures Paradise at Marigot Bay combines what has to be the best of all worlds. Here there are only five rooms with cottages called Avocado and Banana located on a quiet ridge above the sea. There is however breakfast, and a jolly nice breakfast too, plus the kitchen for catering for yourself.

What really sets Natures Paradise at Marigot Bay apart however is the hosts David and Wanda.

They really make this much more of a well loved Inn than a self catering holiday in St Lucia. Nothing seems too much trouble for them from actually taking careless guests to and from local restaurants in Marigot Bay, to organizing trips to Soufriere, to generally having all the information you require at their fingertips.

This isn't the norm as you will realize, but one of the really beautiful things about a bed and breakfast inn, because that is what Natures Paradise at Marigot Bay really is, comes when you sit down to breakfast, and you get the chance to talk with like minded people, because only a certain type of person comes here, and you will find the chat as well as the breakfasts very good.

You'll need to hire a four wheel drive vehicle, specifically a jeep whilst you are here, because although you can walk down to Marigot Bay, and it will take you about fifteen minutes, this isn't a journey to be made uphill in the dark after a restaurant meal, and taxis won't take you back either.

This article may have concentrated on why Natures Paradise at Marigot Bay is a lot more than a self catering holiday in St Lucia, without actually telling you about what it will be like.

It has been described as a little tropical paradise in a lush tropical garden, where there are elegant private bungalows overlooking the sea, with glorious views of the ocean and the sunset.

You will go to sleep and waken to the sounds of frogs and crickets, this is truly a magical place.

There is a 30 foot waterfall fed pool with the same views, and the whole ambiance is one of romance and adventure for couples and singles.

Don't allow yourself to be put off, just make Natures Paradise at Marigot Bay and the hospitality of David and Wanda your St Lucia Vacation Spot this year.

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