A Good Family Vacation Resort on Antigua

by : Gareth Jones

Looking for an affordable family vacation resort on Antigua with an all inclusive option, then try Halcyon Cove by Rex Resorts

A Family Vacation Resort on Antigua, that is not only a beach family resort but also an affordable family resort is the Halcyon Cove by Rex Resorts.

It could best be described as a lively resort , that can be enjoyed not only as a beach family resort, but also by couples. It has a huge range of accommodation and a number of food options including an all inclusive.

There are 210 rooms starting with the 24 Basic Standard Rooms, followed by 105 Garden Rooms with more extras. There are 48 Poolside Rooms, larger than Garden and with fridge. The 16 Beachfront are as the Poolside but smaller, and directly on the beach. There are 17 Family Rooms similar to the Poolside but directly on the beach and larger open plan allowing for two bedrooms.

When it comes to eating and refreshments, there is a good choice, from the Arawak Terrace for breakfast buffet, and themed buffet evenings with a small a la carte menu as well. The Warri Pier over the sea is an a la carte restaurant specialising in lobster and grills, where you can have a continental breakfast. The Carib Grill and Bar for drinks, on the edge of the beach also does lunch. There is the Ciboney cocktail bar, the Lobby Bar, and you will be pleased to discover the dress code is smart casual with no shorts in the evening dining area.

It comes as a slight surprise that slightly less than 70% of the guests found this family vacation resort to be to their satisfaction, and if you are considering the Halcyon Cove by Rex Resorts as your Antigua beach family resort this year, then their opinions are probably important. Opinions are always subjective, and what may be great for one is lousy for another, and some people feel it is necessary to have a moan anyway, so some comments need to be taken with a pinch of salt..

Comments varied enormously from "We had a terrific holiday and don't understand people who didn't". "This is a great family resort, and very affordable, and good value". The their were comments like "The room was shabby", bearing in mind a refurbishment is in the process, this seems unkind, and yet it is a comment reproduced throughout the Caribbean. It may just be that what passes in the hot Caribbean sun as acceptable for the island isn't what people who are used to New York or London type hotels are like. Comments like "A Caribbean Budget Hotel2, just don't really hold water at all.

The bottom line is that the Halcyon Cove by Rex Resorts is a jolly nice family vacation resort, situated in a beautiful position on Antigua. Sure it has some rough edges, but also plenty of good things about it, and many guests return year after year because it is an affordable family resort, it is beachfront, the food in the main is good to excellent, and the staff are attentive when treated with the respect they should be given. As the last two people interviewed recently both said independently of each other I loved it".