4 Secrets to Packing Right For a Month-Long Backpacking Trip

by : Nicole Munoz

Packing for a day-long backpacking trip is one thing. Packing for a week-long trek is another thing. But how about packing for a month-long backpacking excursion? Many of us may cringe at the thought of preparing for a trip lasting for 30 days, let alone one that requires us to transform our backpack into the a snail's or turtle's shell. While hauling our household appliances with us on a month-long backpacking trip is impractical, enjoying a month-long backpacking trip can be easier than expected. We can certainly take some steps to make our trip as practical as wearing Metal Tags:

1. A huge feat for feet. In the grand scheme of things, what is a month? But without the proper footwear, every step will seem like forever and a day, to your feet. Along with your Metal Tags, you should wear your hiking footwear whenever possible. The trick is to wear a pair of shoes or boots that have some space between your feet and the footwear-but not too much space. From my experience, three-quarter or high-top footwear is ideal, to provide your ankle enough support while hiking. You may have some knowledge about the general terrain that you will encounter while backpacking. That said, it is better to always be prepared for the unexpected boulders that you may have to climb up or across.

2. Separating needs and wants. When going on a lengthy, month-long backpacking trip, some items may seem as crucial as outstanding Military Dog Tags, when in fact they are best left at home:

• One book is enough. If you like reading as much as I do, you probably take a library of books with you on vacation, but end up reading none to one of them.

• One and a half pairs of footwear is enough to bring along a month-long backpacking trip: one pair of comfortable shoes or boots, and one pair of flip-flops.

• An MP3 player can conveniently provide hours upon hours of rock, jazz, country, rap, classical, or polka (yes, polka!) music for you to enjoy. But make sure not to overdo it. Items such as portable game systems can become too heavy and bulky.

3. Packing light is still right. If you will be camping and backpacking for a month, it may seem logical to pack everything except the kitchen sink. However, while you should bring the necessities, such as Military Dog Tags, it is still advisable to pack light. In fact, while deciding which items to include on your trip, and which items to leave at home, it is wise to leave out items that you stack in your "maybe" pile. As a general rule, "when in doubt, leave it out."

4. Learn to layer. When backpacking, keep in mind that you are not in a fashion show. So it is always better to choose function over form, and only wear practical accessories, such as a hat with a broad brim, and Rectangular Tags. In particular, tend to choose lightweight clothing over heavier pieces, to conserve weight in your camping backpack. For instance, a Coleman Emergency Poncho or Coleman for Kids Disposable Rain Poncho would be better options than a bulky raincoat. Also, you could opt for a few long-sleeved t-shirts, over a heavy sweatshirt.

One month is a relative drop in the bucket, in the average American lifespan of 912 months. But a month-long backpacking trip can seem like an eternity if you haul more than the essential items, which include Rectangular Tags. So before you start your month-long expedition, always make sure to pack light, and pack right.