6 Places to Visit in Rome

by : Vasilisa

6 Places You Must See in Rome

They say there are as many attractions in Rome as there are people. That is even more amazing taking into account the fact that the historical center of Rome is comparatively small: it occupies the space between the Tiber in the East and Termini railway station in the West. Here one can see the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi fountain, the Spanish Steps, St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican.

Rome Places to Visit


1) Must See in Rome #1
Roman Forum
Begin with the Roman Forum, which used to be the political and religious center of the ancient Rome. The Forum is crossed by the sacred road (via Sakra), going up the Capitoline Hill. This is the breathtaking group of buildings including the ruins of the Vespasian Temple, the Agreement Temple, St Joseph Church, the Temple Of Saturn, columns of the Castor and Pollux Temple, etc. Via Sakra ends in Arch Of Titus, which was erected to commemorate the Emperor's victory over rebellious Jerusalem. 

2) Must See in Rome #2
The Pantheon.
Built by Mark Agrippa in 27 BC, this is one of the most famous monuments of Ancient Rome. The name 'Pantheon' means 'devoted to all gods'. In the Christian epoch it was turned into a church. The bodies of many prominent people lie here.

3) Must See in Rome #3
The Coloisseum
Another attraction of the Eternal city, the Coloisseum, is the symbol of Rome. Designed for 50, 000 spectators, the Coloisseum is the biggest amphitheatre in the world. Here took place bloody shows with wild animals and gladiators, to perform sea battles the arena was filled with water. To emphasize the grandeur of the happening, during the fights Emperor Commodus was wearing a lion skin. 

In its original look the Colosseum existed up to VIII century when Pope Pavel III allowed his nephew to take the Colosseum stones for the building of his own palace. According to the permission, the Cardinal could take as many stones as he could but only within 12 hours. That helped to save the building for the future generations.

4) Must See in Rome #4
Trevi Fountain
All the tourists certainly visit the Trevi Fountain. Perhaps, it is not the most beautiful, but for certain it is the most famous. It is the masterpiece by Nicola Salvi who had been working over it for 19 years. The small Trevi Square reminds of an ancient amphitheatre and the fountain itself is like a magnificent stage, in the center of which resides Neptune, god of the sea. He is riding a shell-shaped chariot, pulled by two sea-horses. Tritons on each side show the way between the rocks. One of the sea-horses is calm while the other is unruly. They symbolize the changeable moods of the sea. Two statues in the background represent Abundance and Salubrity. Above the sculptures are graceful bas-reliefs.

5) Must See in Rome #5
The Spanish Steps
Probably the most romantic place in Rome is the Spanish Steps. It was built to connect Via del Babuino to Via Felice in 1721-1725. It acquired its name due to the embassy situated nearby. Here one can always meet couples strolling hand in hand and kissing every here and there.

Rome Places to Visit
These are the 6 Places that You Must See in Rome. But the truth is, one can hardly finish visiting all the beautful sights of this miraculous Italian capital.