Book Your Accommodation In Rome In Advance

by : Gaizka Pujana

As such, it has a large variety of accommodation options available for those who are visiting the city.

There are a variety of different quality hotels that are available. You can find anything from a luxury hotel to a bargain budget hotel room. The budget hotels may require you to pay extra for a private bathroom otherwise you will need to share. If you have a shared bathroom, the room may not include their buffet breakfast. It is worthwhile to check all of these facts and to consider paying extra for the bathroom and breakfast. The cheaper, budget hotels can often be found in the area surrounding Termini station. This makes them highly accessible and convenient. You may find that they offer special deals so ask about this when you book. They may also give you a discount if you pay in cash.

If you are looking for a luxury hotel, head for the area of Via Veneto. Here you will find many grand and glamorous hotels. The area around the Aventine or a classy hotel near Villa Borghese Park will provide you with a peaceful and comfortable stay in Rome. You can stay at a camping site although these tend to be further out of the city and are not convenient if you want to spend a lot of time visiting the attractions within the city itself.

You can find holiday apartments for rent in Rome. These can be found over the Internet or through agencies. They are generally a good option for larger groups (such as families) who would like a bit more privacy and freedom than you can find in a hotel. They also provide the opportunity to feel like you are living in a Roman home. They generally have all the self catering amenities such as a kitchen and terrace. Villas are also available. A more recent addition to the hotel accommodation options in Rome, are bed and breakfasts. These are as simple as people opening their homes and renting out a spare room. These will be much cheaper accommodation options than hotels. You can also find a vast number of Roman hostels which are also a good budget option for visitors to the city.

An interesting form of holiday accommodation that you can find in Rome that is not available in other cities is convents. There are a number of convents in Rome that put up paying guests. The convents are strongly Catholic. Some of them will only accept Catholic guests who book their accommodation through their church, but most will accept guests of any religion as long as they are happy to stay in such a Catholic environment. The amenities are generally fairly simple, but they are well priced and generally a peaceful place to stay. They are also a good choice for a budget traveler, but they may not suit the backpacker as they generally have curfews of around 11pm.