Problems, Little Problems, And How To Solve Them

by : mphcoach

Things go wrong. There are those 'off' days, when whatever we touch seems to just not be right or work right.

There is a simple test to this, which I call 'The Inanimate Object Rule'. This rule states that if you have a problem with anything that is not living (i.e. inanimate), then it's time to take notice.

That said, if you are having problems with inanimate objects, chances are the animate things around you will play up too.

In my experience, the inanimate object problems show up first, so taking note of them earlier, rather than later, will save you way more problems.

What are these inanimate objects then and how do they show up?

1) Top of my list are computers and any other technical object, especially gizmos. These will play up in this scenario most often. In fact you even treat them like real living things (which, of course, they aren't), and talk to them, shout at them and even blame them for when things go wrong.

2) Next up are things that it's easy to lose, like keys, purses, and those little gizmo things above.

3) Then it's transport. Things don't run on time, your car won't start and/or the traffic, just on that special day, is the worst it could be.

4) And then all those little things. Toothpaste suddenly gets a life of it's own. Drawers magically jump out at you and whack your shin (or worse). You might even miss the coffee cup when you pour the water in.

5) Don't forget all those things that drop. You fingers, on days like these seem to lose their grip and suddenly there's a mess to pick up - and, of course, just when you least wanted it!

There are a ton of these and I could (as I have been victim myself) write all day. I hope you get the thrust here.

So, what to do about it? Here are a few tips you can use right now - if it's one of thyose days, and stop this irritation right in it's tracks!

- Try to spot it as early as you can.

- Commend yourself with a smile when you do spot it.

- Stop whatever you are doing immediately.

- Take three deep breaths and slow right down.

- Do things at half pace and very deliberately.

- Notice how well things are going now.

- Smile and enjoy the slower pace.

- Notice, for the future, how things got better.

- Continue with the day, making efforts to enjoy.

- Finally, take time listen to people around you.

Interesting - eh?

Enjoy noticing these little monster moments this week, now aware that there are some simple, quick and really effective things you can do with them!