Split Rock Resort

by : Andrew

Split Rock Resort is a perfect place for romantic getaways and family vacations. If one needs some relax he or she just needs to go there and of course wouldn't regret. It is possible to have any type of vacation here. Split Rock Resort is situated in the center of Pocono region, which is in Pennsylvania, in lake Harmony. The resort spreads over 500 acres of land. The accommodations it offers are the coziest one may only dream about. Every family member may enjoy the daily activities, in which he or she is interested best of all. Another advantage is the price, which is so reasonable here.

Thinking of where to stay? There is no need to hesitate! Split Rock has everything you need. There are the rustic Villas with a nice handmade furniture and the golden-gate fireplace. Enjoy the maroon carpeting in the bedrooms, the softest bed covered with flowers and Mahogany finished dressers. Hot Jacuzzi tubs are available for your relaxation in the bathrooms. There is also a steamy sauna.

Coming back to the bedroom you'll see the olive green walls. Windows and balconies go to the golf course with the size of 6,500 yards. At the Galleria clubhouse you are welcome at the Galleria Suite. The spacious room is indisputably majestic. Fall colors of the decor are warm; the bed has a queen size. The suite is also equipped with a cozy bathroom and luxurious living room. So as you see the variety is great. And no matter what you choose, it will be a nice decision if you go to Split Rock Resort.